Silver Linings: Cloud computing, law firms and risk Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA)

A publication from the SRA, Silver Linings: cloud computing, law firms and risk, offers guidance to law firms who are using, or contemplating using, cloud computing.

Published in 2013, the guide remains relevant today given the ever increasing popularity of cloud computing. It provides a useful overview of compliance and legal issues associated with cloud computing and the risks posed by its use by law firms if not done properly by the supplier, as well as the considerable benefits to law firms where the supplier provides a true cloud computing solution.

The SRA guide recognises that one of the major advantages of true cloud computing is that it enables mobile working without the need to carry data around on laptops or data sticks, which are the main risks for data loss. The SRA points out that, provided an effective provider is used, cloud computing can provide benefits for the firm and for clients, both in terms of costs and providing better levels of encryption and security, and the SRA Code of Conduct does not prevent firms from entering into such an arrangement.

You can read the full report and our responses here, or to download the full report from the SRA’s website please click here.