Osprey Approach - Academy

The Osprey Academy

Flexible learning tailored to your business.

The Osprey Academy is all about getting the most out of your Osprey system for your firm’s benefit. Our holistic approach to training combines the best of all methodology – one to one online interaction, on-site training sessions, webinars and e-Courses.

This approach means that we’re applying the right resource at the right time, matching the needs of both the individual and the firm whilst creating the best possible learning environment. Our structured training courses allow for flexible learning to suit the specific requirements of you and your business.

We also operate a pro-active approach to the provision of training, analysing those clients who may not be fully utilising this provision and suggesting courses that may be of benefit in order to get the most out of Osprey.

We provide in-depth training courses, which offer a combined teaching method approach to ensure greater rate of success and level of attainment. We aim to provide an alternative, more beneficial training environment with far greater results than traditional training “sessions”. This is achieved by providing structured training courses designed to combine the best methods of training provisions; a blend of traditional on-site training days with modern online learning methodology.

  • One-to-one online training sessions ensure that delegates receive tailored training specific to their role, level of learning and availability.
  • Webinars for quick and efficient group overview and introduction training without the need to provide individual training to each staff member
  • Full day on-site training to allow for comprehensive, in-depth training for individuals or groups as appropriate.
  • Training videos to allow staff to watch these at a time convenient to them, wherever they are.
  • Delegates can take sessions in the order they require; repeat sessions are available as required, and they may stop and start their training course to suit.

Our Training

All of our courses are designed for specific roles within your organisation, allowing you to select courses for each member of staff without having to search through the prospectuses and find the courses relevant to each person.

In order to create an Osprey skills register within your firm we provide an accreditation at the end of each course taken, along with a Dashboard for managers and partners to review courses taken and results achieved by each member of staff undergoing training. Staff can also access this information for their own personal results and retake courses to improve these if they wish.

As your trusted partner, we see our role as being not only to provide you with an unlimited training provision, but also to identify where this may not be fully utilised and to contact you to suggest where you might benefit from further training. This may be induction training for new starters, or to modify previous set up and process to match your evolving business processes.

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