Whilst the news is changing rapidly, we all know that at present the UK Government has suggested to avoid social contact and to restrict all but essential travel.

We are all being encouraged to work from home wherever possible, resulting in an influx of businesses and staff members embracing remote working – albeit somewhat under duress.

A look across the rest of Europe shows Governments increasing restrictions on their citizens at an alarming rate. Those which initially recommended voluntary restrictions have now moved to the next stage of containment: imposing lock downs with severe fines for those found to be in contravention.

We at Osprey believe it’s our collective social responsibility to do all we can do to restrict our own businesses movements.

We also have a very specific responsibility to do all that we can to assist you in doing the same. 

These measures are currently voluntary, but should things escalate, we could soon see more stringent restrictions being placed on our movements. 

We’re here to help you make the changes necessary to feel confident that, should the UK follow other European countries, your business and staff will be geared up and ready to work from home.

Despite restrictions on movement, the world keeps turning and clients still need to be looked after. Law is such a client-centred profession it often relies on face-to-face interaction due to the personal and significant nature of the work.

We are committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve and to get your organisation prepared for effective remote working.

We recognise that the services you provide are of paramount importance to your clients; if you’re unable to continue providing legal services, then families, small businesses and vulnerable members of society could suffer.

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 will be impacting your clients in a host of different ways.

It would be reassuring if the one thing your clients can continue to rely on is the service you provide.

We’re here to make sure that this is the case.

There are a number of options to help your organisation continue to operate during this uncertain time and we have a range of support resources being updated daily to provide the assistance you need.

The tools required for effective remote working are already at our disposal in Osprey Approach:

  • dedicated apps for mobile and tablet devices;
  • new Windows apps for desktop and laptop computers;
  • Office 365 Add-ins for Word and Outlook; and
  • our browser-based interface.

The challenge now is to ensure the widest adoption possible because these tools will quite literally keep law firms operating in the event of a lock down.

Our support teams are acting swiftly to get firms up and running remotely, as well as advising on solutions for sharing documents and correspondence with clients in a safe way.

For instance, there are very effective methods of allowing clients to submit sensitive information and documents directly to you through a secure portal. This avoids the dangers of email interception, unnecessary travel or physical contact.

Having moved everything to the cloud back in 2004, we’re in a hugely advantageous position to assist you in making the necessary arrangements for your own office.

At a time when everybody should be pulling together, please let us know how we can help you.

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