It’s fair to say that in today’s modern era many clients expect a swift response to their legal queries, so it’s vital that you can access your legal software, including time recording, from your mobile or tablet at a touch of a button.

We’ve already highlighted the benefits of mobile working ( and how this can help your law firm work anywhere, at any time, however, all these benefits are enhanced when mobile working is available via an app.

We recognised the need to offer arange of mobile apps, which provide you with access to your firm’s informationwherever you take your mobile device. In fact, a new report from Compuware suggests that 85% of consumers prefer to work from a mobile app rather than a web page.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Osprey App: –


Given the way in which apps are created and viewed, they are a lot less cluttered and provide you with access only to the necessary features. They also provide access to any files saved to the cloud, which improves time efficiency.

Mobile multi-tasking

This is high on the agenda formany law firms, whose fee earners need to be able to time record whilstcontinuing to work away from office, or where there’s any periods of ‘downtime’.


See all your key dates and with their urgency status at a click of a button so you can quickly priorities and organize your work.

Why not take a look at our time recording and mobile apps, which are available on Google Play and the Apple App Store today:

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