During our recent Newport Roadshow there were a few questions from customers about Windows 7 end of life. In our latest blog, we look at the steps you can take to your protect your firm’s security and business continuity.

Windows 7 will stop being supported by Microsoft on January 14th, 2020. After this time, software and security updates will stop being applied, potentially leaving you vulnerable.

Whilst it might be tempting to simply purchase Windows 10 licences and stick with your current hardware. However, given the age of most Windows 7 machines, this will cost you dearly in the long run.

You will lose productivity because of less efficient, slower hardware. It’s also more likely for things to fail as they get older (especially hard drives), and replacement hardware or parts will cost more.

What sort of hardware specifications do I need when upgrading from Windows 7 to 10?

For law firms to make the most out of Windows 10 it would be advisable to upgrade to a machine with at least the following

  • Intel Core i3 8th generation or above or an equivalent AMD processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • At least 64GB SSD (ideally about 256GB SSD)
  • Windows 10 Pro licence (not home)

Most law firms will not need to go with a high spec machine, but using hardware that falls below these recommended specs could impact productivity.

While a machine with a lower processor may be cheaper, they are often used by individuals that only use their computer occasionally to browse the Internet and are not suitable for business use.

What’s the best way of upgrading my hardware?

If this all sounds quite complicated, fear not! Pracctice has identified a need from our customers for a simple, turnkey hardware solution that takes the complexity out of staying up to date. We have created a hardware solution to make upgrading your hardware easy and affordable.

For an affordable fixed monthly fee, we will provide excellent hardware, industry-leading antivirus and all of the necessary Office 365 licenses.

We will also visit you on-site, for free, to assess your current network. And when it comes time, we’ll handle all of the upgrade for you. It couldn’t be simpler.

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What are the benefits of a managed hardware solution with Osprey?

1) The opportunity to go serverless

Servers are on 24/7 365 days a year, meaning the energy consumption can add up to £800 a year for just one server combined with maintenance costs.

With a feature of Office 365 called Azure Active Directory, user management can be done through a cloud-based console instead of through on premise active directory.

Utilising Osprey Approach for client related files and OneDrive for non-client related documents means that law firms can migrate their existing document store to cloud based solutions.

Wi-Fi printing and cloud printing services can replace print servers and older less energy efficient printers.

By utilising all of these features, law firms will be able to eliminate their reliance on on-premise servers and remove a single point of failure.

2) Device Management

Through Intune, we can set up security and configuration policies to push out settings, apps and restrictions to all machines.

In the event of theft, we can remotely wipe the machine. This combined with BitLocker encryption can protect any data that has been stored locally against theft.

3) Full warranty and support for the duration of the contract

All hardware will be covered for the duration of the contract. If problems are experienced we are able to perform an AutoPilot reset to restore the machine to factory settings and automatically re-provision it ready for use.

In the event of hardware failure we will replace the faulty equipment.

4) Office 365 E3 included

Office 365 is a subscription cloud based software suite encompassing the full Office productivity suite, emails and powerful security and compliance tools. Office 365 E3 is an enterprise level subscription with the following benefits:

  • Office 365 ProPlus (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint, Teams, Access)
  • Email accounts with custom domain name. 100GB mailbox per user.
  • 1TB of personal cloud storage via OneDrive per user.
  • Upto 25TB of company storage on SharePoint.
  • Office Message Encryption (OME) and Information Rights Management (IRM). Allow emails to be encrypted and protection placed on what people can do with emails and documents.
  • Security and Compliance suite, ensure you are fully GDPR compliant.
  • Mobile Device Management solution through Intune. Allowing company owned devices such as iPhones and android devices to be registered and managed through a central portal.

5) Industry leading antivirus included

Panda Adaptive Defence 360 is the only solution available on the market that offers the full protection of a traditional antivirus and protection against advanced threats all in one.

Active Defence 360 will proactively detect and classify all applications into categories goodware, malware, known or unknown and will take appropriate actions to protect the computer. Active Defence comes with tools to isolate potentially infected machines from the network and tools to manage how applications are classified.

Combined with Office 365 e-mail protection and user cyber awareness, this solution should minimise the chance of a malicious attack succeeding.

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