Q) Do Law Firms need to be on Social Media?

Absolutely, a recent Trustpilot study showed that a staggering 77% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing decisions, this includes services. Many people are researching products and services (including solicitors) via social media as well as Google, if you have a website why wouldn’t you be on social media?”


Q) What Social Media platforms would you suggest for law firms?

“I’d say the main ones would be Twitter (essential!), LinkedIn and probably Facebook. These 3 platforms are very powerful tools to spread your news and talk about what you do and who you are. A great way of looking approachable but also an easy way to interact with customers/potential customers. Social Media is now one of the biggest sales AND customer service tools but remember you do not have to be on ALL platforms, some are just not necessary for your industry, for example a Commercial Solicitors firm on Snapchat, you just aren’t going to hit your target audience.”


Q) What if my industry ‘boring’?

“It doesn’t matter. Social media isn’t JUST an advertising tool but a chance to educate and entertain! Find interesting articles, show people you know what you are talking about but entertain them too. According to Statista over 70% of people own at least 1 social media profile and people are always going to need a solicitor at some point in their life’s so make your social media makes them think of YOU when they do.”


Q) How many times should I post a day? What should we post?

“It depends. As a rough guess I would say between 1-3 times a day. If you are regularly good content (i.e. informative, helpful, entertaining) then you will see your follower numbers grow! I usually suggest the 80-20 rule, if you want people to follow you and listen to what you say it can’t be all about your business (or law firm) a rough estimate of 80% interesting content to 20% sales should be a good mix, always use catching images or if you REALLY want to smash it, use videos! But most importantly don’t make it all about you and always choose quality over quantity!”


Q) Is social media time consuming? Are there any additional tools I can use to help me?

“Not at all, with tools like Hootsuite (H
ttps://hootsuite.com/#) you can easily schedule your social media posts quickly and at times that are most effective for your business, this is free up to 3 platforms.

Most platforms will have their own reporting page such as ‘Twitter Analytics’ these are very insightful to see what times are working for your posts and also what posts have been the most popular.

The last tool is Google Alerts, creating alerts for terms specific for your industry means you can be notified on news and articles that mention your chosen terms meaning you can share these articles to your followers.”


Q) Finally, how much will it cost me?

“NOTHING! The beauty of social media is that it is FREE. You may want to look at paid social media advertising but using social media is free. You can gain so much and reach so many people if done right, at no cost.”


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