Throughout the Autumn Roadshow, one of the topics which delegates have found particularly useful is our social media session. We focus on choosing the right social platforms and then cover several top tips for their correct set up – its surprising how many firms miss some easy ways to optimise their profiles!

Our Swansea roadshow was held at the impressive Great Hall at Swansea University. During the Q&A’s, we explained that if a law firm is just starting out on social media, it’s perfectly acceptable – preferable, even – to choose just one to begin with.

Social media platforms are one of, if not the best ways to engage with your customers. Social channels also serve as a means to attract new prospects to your firm as they’re a great way to add a more personal element to your business. Giving your firm a face and personality can help create an emotional response, which in turn, leaves a larger impression.

Richard of Beor Wilson Lloyd, an active Osprey customer, asked which social network law firms should focus on if they were to choose just one.

Our answer is always Facebook, and it boils down to four main reaons:

  1. Widespread usage and a key demographic for law firms
  2. Accessible, familiar and easy to use interface
  3. Visible metrics and engagement stats which make sense, and
  4. Excellent advertising opportunities, especially for those new to online ads

Half of the country are on Facebook

The most widely used social network in the UK, Facebook has over 36 million users across the country – around half of the population. You may be surprised to find out that the average age on Facebook is 40, a demographic we all understand is often in need of legal services.

Its broad demographic makes it a perfect place to start for any law firm, attracting both private and commercial clients.

Whilst we may associate Linkedin as the online home for our commercial client base, it’s likely they will still be ‘liking and scrolling’ in the evening after work just as much as our private clients.

You already know how to use it

Its widespread usage also means you probably have a Facebook profile, too. Therefore, you’ll already be familiar with the concepts of feeds and posts, and you’ll likely engage with businesses on Facebook every day (whether you like it or not).

That familiarity, and it’s well designed, easy to use interface, gives Facebook a pretty low barrier of entry.

You can understand how successful you’re being

Once you’ve set up your business Page, the platform affords us a number of different posting tools and formats. Share links, images, videos, slideshows, special offers and even job vacancies with a click or tap.

As you begin to fill your Page with content, you’ll want to know how engaging it’s been and whether your posts are encouraging visits to your website.

The built-in analytics tool, called ‘Insights’, provides information about your Page’s performance, like demographic data about your audience and how people are responding to your posts. It’s an invaluable tool which we would encourage any Page owner to utilise.

Advertising is easy, and affordable

This demographic information is key to what I believe is Facebook’s most powerful opportunity for law firms – sponsored content, or advertising. It provides you with the ability to create advertising campaigns directed at just the type of client you’re looking for.

We’re encouraged not to make sweeping judgments or generalisations in life, but when it comes to targeted advertising it’s actually quite important to create a ‘target demographic’.

For example, if we are selling conveyancing services to first time buyers, we may want our advert to be shown to somebody who:

  1. Is between the age of 25-35
  2. ‘Likes’ pages such as Zoopla, Purple Bricks or Rightmove, indicating they are in the market to buy or sell a property
  3. Lives and/or works in my geographic area

With the target of my campaign set, Facebook becomes an affordable, high return on investment advertising opportunity.

According to Wordstream, the average cost-per-click (CPC) on a Google advert for a law firm is $16.75. Compare this to Facebook’s average CPC for a law firm at $1.32, and you can see why Facebook is an attractive option.

There are no real minimum spend limits applied on Facebook, asking for just $1 per day to keep the cheapest of ad formats running. This makes Facebook an excellent way to dip your toe into the world of online advertising.

Furthermore, since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, you can run your targeted adverts on both platforms, expanding your reach without any complicated set up.

In summary, Facebook offers law firms an accessible and impactful social network to get started with.

If your firm isn’t on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for?

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