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Cloud Hosting

Security and Disaster Recovery

With any system – from an old-fashioned in-house network style system to your laptop or phone – data always sits on a machine that’s connected to the internet, meaning that “web-based” systems are certainly no less secure than any technology.

As a true web-based system, Osprey Approach, however, offers far greater levels of security over a traditional,  locally installed system due to the economies of scale that we can apply, as well as resilience and redundancy to protect against downtime.

As a multi-tenanted legal software solution, we can implement levels of protection far greater than any one firm would be able to achieve. We host Osprey Approach and the data that sites within it in multiple co-located datacentres that are mirrored in real time. Should you have a disaster, you’d simply go to another location and connect to your system via the Internet. If we have a disaster our system automatically ports to a secondary location, so you’d be unaffected by this. And when it comes to system monitoring, our resource far exceeds that of an individual firm, so you’re unlikely to experience any downtime in the first place.

With Osprey Legal Software, you’ll benefit from the ultimate protection, disaster recovery and business continuity.