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False Clouds

When considering moving to cloud based software, ask your suppliers the following questions:

Unfortunately, many suppliers that offer cloud based systems simply purchase a server as if it were a ‘traditional’ installed solution (with the associated costs and limitations) and then connect to it using the Internet. This isn’t cloud computing, and offers very little benefit over a traditional installed system, other than supplier management. All too often, cracks begin to appear quickly, as this sort of framework tends not to work when being accessed from a distant geographical location rather than via a local network as intended. Costs escalate due to increased hardware costs and third party products, which are necessary in order to log in to the system remotely.

This type of false cloud system (modeled on a tier one solution that’s been around since the early 1990s) experiences all of the issues of a traditional system. It’s not easily scalable, it’s open to individual issues and downtime and it requires little or no investment by the supplier.

As a marginal improvement, some suppliers offer a tier one solution but mirror it to a second server, known as a tier two solution. This improves disaster recovery and business continuity (as long as the second server is at a separate geographical location, which is not always the case), but this comes at a price – usually double the cost of tier one – yet still has all of the other issues of an installed system.

Of much more benefit to the end user is a multi-tenanted data centre – a tier three solution – that offers greater efficiency, as well as considerable cost and time savings. As resources are shared, multi-tenanted systems benefit from far greater security and performance.

The Osprey Legal Cloud is offered at the highest level – a tier four solution – that provides one identical version of the application running on multiple data-centres at separate geographical locations. Clients see their own version with their data and an application uniquely configured to their requirements.

Tier four delivers the ultimate protection for security, disaster recovery and business continuity. Clients benefit from economies of scale following Osprey’s significant investment that enables us to provide a true, hosted application that avoids any of the issues associated with less mature models.

Any solution below a tier four hosting falls well short of what Osprey delivers.

  • Does your software reside on a multi tenanted data centre and not a server?
  • Can I therefore access a demo using nothing more than an Internet connection from any machine now, with no prior set up?
  • Do your datacentres operate at multiple locations?
  • Are these mirrored in real time?
  • Do you own your datacentres?
  • Are they based in the UK for Data Protection?