Easily meet accreditation and quality standard criteria

Osprey is a cloud-based practice management solution that provides the digital tools for recording, tracking and managing regulatory responsibilities. The legal compliance software features in Osprey help firms complete risk and compliance activities that are usually managed in spreadsheets or on paper files.

By digitising and centralising your data and documents your firm can easily meet accreditation criteria so costs are lowered, time is saved and risks are reduced. Osprey helps firms achieve compliance across a wide range of legislative regulations and accreditations including SRA, GDPR, Lexcel, CQS, WIQS and the LAA Specialist Quality Mark.

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Reduce the costs of staying compliant

Using Osprey’s compliance modules and specialised workflows, firms can integrate compliance processes into their fee earner’s daily workload. Creating seamless client onboarding and case management experience, that also incorporate necessary compliance requirements, helps manage costs, ensure best practices are followed and risks are reduced.

Avoid treating compliance regulations as an additional disconnected procedure but incorporate the tasks into daily workflows to ensure time and costs are dispersed into case management processes. Automating actions, removing disparate systems and centralising data will enable an efficient and effective operation.

Firm-wide visibility and control

By reducing your reliance on physical files and disconnected spreadsheets you can gain real-time, firm-wide visibility of your firms’ compliance tasks and reports. Osprey helps you digitise and centralise data, documents, and processes so you can automate compliance tasks and easily extract data for your COLP, COFA and MLRO. Proactively monitoring data and compliance processes ensure you can avoid breaches and spot trends that could highlight problems in your firms’ processes. Osprey’s reporting suite and intuitive dashboards helps you make data-driven decisions that put you in control of your firm’s future.

“We’ve recommended Osprey for years because of its functionality, its ease of access and the efficiencies you can make by using it.”

Alex Simons, New Business Manager, The Law Factory LLP

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Key Legal Compliance Software features:

Reporting suite & dashboards

Customisable reports and interactive Business Intelligence dashboards provide accurate data and real-time overviews so COFA, COLP and MLRO can proactively monitor compliance processes.

Analytics and trend spotting

Centralised integrated data helps provide accurate reports to enable performance analysis so trends can be spotted before breaches occur.

Compliance workflows  

Osprey comes with pre-built workflows that ensure your firm’s processes adhere to best practices and regulatory guidelines.

SRA survey tool

Our SRA survey tools helps you collect your employees responses and summarises the results in a report formatted for the MySRA portal.

Integrated SRA compliant accounting

Fully integrated and MTD and SRA compliant legal accounting helps you effectively manage your finances without risk.

Customer due diligence tools

Complete, record and report on client and case risk assessments, conflict of interest and ID formalities. Utilise the InfoTrack and Osprey integration to complete electronic AML checks.

Complaints handling

Record and track all complaints within Osprey so you can monitor trends and stay compliant which makes PI or accreditation renewal easier and less costly.

File review workflow

The Osprey file review workflow automates the process, ensures the required questions are answered and deadline dates are tracked and monitored. 

PI claims & circumstances record

Centrally record your PI claims and circumstances, along with any related documents and correspondence, to meet the requirements of Lexcel and help with yearly PI renewal.

Role-based permissions

Grant access to only those with permission to view certain data, cases and reports so you can be confident that sensitive information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Audit trails  

Audit trails are crucial for effective monitoring of compliance procedures and Osprey takes out the manual, time-consuming processes of audits and provides a simple way to keep records up to date.

Integrated time recording

The integrated time recording app is both Lexcel and Legal Aid Requirements complaint and enable you to enter WIP and disbursement limits helping you stay on track. 

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