Business contacts

Store all of your business contacts in one place

Tracking your business contacts, referrers and prospects is essential. By storing all of this information inside your Osprey legal CRM system, you will unlock the ability to manage and report in a fully integrated way by:

Turn prospects into clients with one click.
Calculate the real value of your referrers with easy to understand reports.
Remarket and upsell to your clients with mail-merged print and email campaigns.

Capture prospects

Capture new enquiries with integrated prospect management

Prospective clients can make new enquiries by completing an interactive form. This ensures the correct information is captured, and means no more copy and paste from new enquiry emails.

With their enquiry automatically added to Osprey as a prospect, converting them to a client is merely a click away, saving time and guaranteeing accuracy.

Report enquiries

Report on your enquiry funnel

By storing your data in Osprey, you can run reports to help you visualise how your business is performing.

Understand the sources of your enquiries; how many convert to instructions; how many are awaiting an update; and, the reasons why some are lost.

A mobile app for your law firm

Take advantage of our app development team and extend the marketing reach of your website.

Bespoke app

Have you ever considered having your own mobile app? We handle everything for you – from the design and build to the app store listings.

Having your own app will build more client loyalty and increase your revenue potential.

Ask us about bespoke mobile development

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