Avoid email ping-pong and provide clients and third parties with a secure online portal to make enquiries and access case information.

8-16x increase in web enquiries

Since implementing an online enquiry form using the Web Access Portal

– Jordan Williams

Secure access

A modern approach to client care

Today’s clients are increasingly expecting access to information at any time of the day or night. This can pose significant challenges.

A modern, self-service approach can be effective for many clients who desire this type of access.

You have the flexibility to choose which clients have access to the facility, and what information they see.

Existing clients

Selected clients can access their ongoing matters and the case details you choose to share. They can even make new enquiries inside the portal.

Third party access

Share specific matters with trusted third parties you decide.

For example, estate agents, other side solicitors and professional experts.

Potential clients

Create a link from your website directly to the new enquiry form, streamlining your data collection and creating prospects in Osprey automatically.

Access control

Retain complete control over what you share

Only clients you choose can have access to the client portal, and only on the matters you specify.

You select what information is displayed to the client, and you can revoke or limit access at any time.

This flexibility allows you to strike the correct balance of transparency and information sharing that works for you.

Share documents and collaborate

Select certain documents to share, and enable check-in/out functionality for streamlined collaboration on files

Show case status and key dates

Convey the current status of a client’s case to reduce the number of status update calls and emails.

Collect information

With questionnaires, you can collect additional information from the client throughout their matter.

Communicate securely

Built in messaging functionality can assist in cases where the client’s emails are being monitored by a spouse.

The check out system is very reliable and allows for constant review of documentation. The software is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly and I would recommend this software to all colleagues.

Capterra Review

The secure web portal means clients do not have to worry about sending sensitive information electronically. Having software which is modern and constantly evolving to suit business needs is a massive bonus.

Kelly at H&F Legal

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