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Free Form Law

Created by Pracctice Ltd, FreeFormLaw is an invaluable web-based resource that provides access to free legal forms required for your day to day dealings with clients, from commercial law documents through to Power of Attorney; the list is exhaustive.

FreeFormLaw is changing. If you’re an existing user then, rather than logging into the members’ area of FreeFormLaw to download the latest legal forms, from now on we’ll provide you with a unique database to log into, where you’ll be able to download all of your forms free of charge. We’ve done this so that you can benefit from:

  • forms that are automatically updated by us, to ensure that you’re always using the latest forms without the need to version check
  • an enhanced range of forms that will eventually include an option for chargeable forms, such as Law Society forms
  • having the ability to store and retrieve any forms that you have filled in via your unique database for future reference and access

Contact us at enquiries@pracctice.net and we’ll be in touch so that you’re up and running in no time.