Upgrade your old Windows hardware for just £49 p/month ~ Osprey Approach Legal Software

Windows 7 will soon be retired - don't be left vulnerable

Without secure, reliable computers and laptops,
your firm would simply stop functioning.

Over one third of Windows customers are still using Windows 7,
which will reach it’s ‘end of life’ in January 2020.

That means Microsoft will stop supporting it and providing patches.
It could leave any Windows 7 users vulnerable to attack.

Hardware only packages from
only £49.00 per month

We understand you want to concentrate on being a lawyer,
so let us take the complexity out of hardware provision.

We manage the whole process and give you peace of mind.

Excellent hardware, industry-leading antivirus and all of the necessary Office 365 licenses for an affordable fixed monthly fee. We’ll visit you on-site, for free, to assess your current network. And when it comes time, we’ll handle all of the upgrade for you. It couldn’t be simpler.

Also, talk to us about a firm-wide upgrade to completely remove the need for a server. Imagine the monthly savings on IT support and energy costs if you didn’t have a server running night and day.

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Energy and cost savings

A firm with 20 members of staff with just 2 servers moving to a serverless environment and replacing their PCs for Fanless PCs could reasonably expect to save in the region of £2848.76 every year on electricity costs alone.

How the figures stack up