Connect Osprey with your favourite Office 365 business tools. Work in Microsoft Word and Outlook whilst connected to Osprey so you can export files, share data, run workflows, and time record with ease. The powerful integration enables you to work smarter to drive long-term efficiencies for your firm and deliver unrivalled service for your clients.

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Key benefits

Tools you know and love

Osprey helps lawyers do their best work, which is why we’ve integrated with the platforms you already use to maximise value. Using the familiar Microsoft Word and Outlook applications, we’ve combined the power of Osprey and Office 365 to enable you to work effectively across platforms without disruption.  

Improved efficiency  

Copying and pasting data and manually filing documents and recording time not only causes errors but slows you down. We have integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook so you can effectively communicate with clients and produce documents without barriers.

Single source of truth

A centralised database ensures accuracy and compliance. Office 365 uses the data already stored in Osprey so you can build documents and send emails with pre-populated client and matter data, as well as securely access existing documents.

Seamless integration with Osprey Approach

Osprey Approach and Office 365 empower firms to remove manual tasks and digitalise processes so you can run a more connected and profitable firm that focuses on the client, not administration.

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Easy & familiar

The Osprey and Office 365 integration makes your most used and loved tools even better. Access Osprey right from within Word or Outlook so you can search for and access your client and matter data within seconds helping you save hours of manual work. Better manage your communications, documents and calendars when your essential business tools are connected.  

  • Access Osprey from within Word or Outlook
  • Connect your Outlook calendar to manage deadlines and key dates
  • Pre-populate forms and fields with data from Osprey
  • Time record accurately using the Word and Outlook add-in
  • Securely access your files and save directly back into Osprey

Increase billable time  

Free up you time for more valuable work when you connect Osprey with Office 365. The Word and Outlook add-ins connects your most-used applications, so you have access to your Osprey database when drafting documents and emails. Helping you better keep track of your time, you can record your billable hours from within Word or Outlook, so each communication can be effectively tracked. Plus, export your key dates and deadlines to your Outlook calendar so you’re always organised and on track.  

  • Track time when working in Outlook or Word for accurate billable hours
  • Connect your calendars so you’re on top of deadlines
  • Export emails and save documents straight into Osprey
  • Securely access client and matter details and files
  • Run automated workflows from Word
Teams Devices

Put your phone-line in the cloud

Hybrid-working is the future of law firms so it’s essential all of your team can answer their incoming calls, no matter where they’re working. Never miss a call or an opportunity again with a cloud-based phone system with Microsoft as part of your Office 365 licence. Microsoft Teams can do more for your business that just keep your internal team connected. As a Microsoft Partner we can advise you on the best options for future-proofing your firm.

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