The ‘cloud’ is simply a distributed network of servers and hard-drives, housed in secure data centres.

‘Cloud software’ runs across multiple servers and locations, removing any single points of failure and providing unparalleled uptime.

Due to these economies of scale, this will undoubtedly be more secure than your own server or machine.

Our cloud software allows you to benefit from the best combination of data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity.

How does this work in practice?

Your data is stored off-site and accessed via the internet

You access our application via the internet using your browser or apps installed on your computer, mobile or tablet. The same way you access many online services.

All data and documents that you create and upload is stored in ‘the cloud’ where it is backed up and maintained in a safe environment across our two UK based data centres.

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You will save space on your existing infrastructure

If you already have an IT system with networked computers and a server, Osprey will give it a new lease of life.

You will free up space, as accounts, time recording and case management would reside on Osprey, so less strain on your system and a greater return on previous investment

You don’t need to maintain expensive servers

By taking your firm ‘into the cloud’ you will be able to join the growing trend of businesses going ‘serverless’.

Experience no ongoing replacement costs or maintenance costs of an expensive server.

All that’s required is a device with an internet connection because nothing is stored locally.

Reap the year-on-year rewards by future proofing your firm

Osprey offers the latest technology and is constantly being updated, pushing the legal tech industry forwards.

Being part of the Osprey ecosystem means you’ll benefit from these advances for years to come.

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