Step 1 moving to Osprey

It begins with our welcome session

During the initial video conference, you’ll liaise with the implementation team and share more details about your firm. We’ll learn more about how you operate to assist us in tailoring the Osprey package to your needs.

We will also explain exactly how the implementation process works, along with the options you have for importing any existing data and how you plan to go live.

Step 2 moving to Osprey

The Project Planning Day

Following your welcome session, we kick start things with a full day with our implementation team.

The project planning day is split into morning and afternoon sessions, each taking two hours to complete. We cover a demonstration of the software, our important fact-finding question pack and and scope each users training requirements in order to form a training plan.


We will deliver a demonstration to familiarise you with the system as a whole, explaining key concepts and common tasks. You will understand how Osprey will work on a daily basis within your firm.

This provides the context you’ll need when making planning decisions in the afternoon. The demonstration is not a full training course, but an extensive training plan will be devised for you and your staff to take place later in the process.


Together with our implementation experts you’ll run through our question pack where detailed information about your firm is taken.

This covers topics such as branches, accounting methods, fee structures, case management settings and more.

We are on hand during this process to explain what is required and assist in decisions that need to be made.

Go live in the way that suits your business

The final stretch is the most important and we work hard with you to ensure Osprey lands smoothly

Your training site

Prior to your ‘go live’ date, you will have access to a training site that replicates the same Osprey environment which your staff will eventually use. It gives you the opportunity to learn how the system works in a safe environment without the fear of breaking anything.

Early access for ‘Super Users’

Nominate Osprey champions within your organisation to become ‘Super Users’ and receive additional training. They can even have early access to your live system to prepare and customise your standard letters, documents and workflows.

Pre-release training plan

To ensure your staff are ready to hit the ground running, we can implement training plans to take place prior to go live. This will be supplemented by the all inclusive support provided to all customers.

High priority support

Our support and training teams will be fully briefed about your go live dates, and will be ready to take any calls from your staff. We understand that the first day will be nervewracking, and your calls will be placed with the highest priority.

Choose your implementation path

It’s possible, and actually common, to go live with elements of Osprey Approach separately. For example, you may choose to go live with your Client and Matter data before your Accounts. Depending on the size of your firm, you may also choose to have everything live at the same time. The choice is yours.

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