Litigation case management software

Cut down the repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks with Osprey Approach, the case management solution that will help you work more efficiently. We know every litigation case is different and difficult to predict, but Osprey’s digital tools will help you work in a way that suits you. From client management to document production, billing, time recording and automation, you can effectively manage all your firm’s operations within one centralised platform.

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Why litigation lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

Cost budgeting & time management

Set budgets, allocate time and fees to phases tasks and actions, and automatically product your budgeting reports and bill of costs.

Freedom to work in a way that suits you

No matter whether you’re in the office, at home or in court, you’ll have full access to your cases where ever or whenever you need them.

Enhanced communication

Increase client satisfaction and effectively collaborate with third parties using the Osprey integrations and the secure web portal.

Effective client communication

Enhance your customer service and better meet clients’ changing needs with self-service, digital tools that provide a modern approach to traditional legal procedures. Osprey’s client web portal enables firms to easily and securely communicate and collaborate with clients, so you can provide a seamless service your clients will appreciate. Share, edit and electronically sign documents in the client portal and provide instant case progression updates, key dates or task reminders without additional printing costs, software systems or manual processes.

Gain control of your firms’ success

You are in control when you have full visibility of your firm’s finances and performance. Osprey’s integrated accounts, time tracking, and business intelligence tools provides data-driven insight that enables a 360-degree view of your firms’ performance. Using Osprey’s digital tools you can uncover hidden opportunities, stay competitive and make smarter business decisions to drive your firm forward.

Automate to improve efficiencies

Reduce the time spent manually completing tasks and make use of the many automations features Osprey has to offer. Effectively manage your workload with workflows, enabling you to automate tasks and spend less time on admin so you can run a more profitable firm.

Osprey integrates with market-leading business tools that further improve the efficiency of your firm. Lexis Smart Forms, DocuSign and TextAnywhere help to enhance client service whilst saving you crucial time and money. Osprey is the only solution you’ll need to run your entire firm.

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Litigation case management software key features:

Case bundles

Save hours of scanning and printing with Osprey’s case bundles feature. Easily organise and create PDF court bundles in Osprey, that collates the relevant files, paginates and hyperlinks with ease.

Automated workflows

Osprey’s configurable Litigation workflows cut down on the tedious admin tasks involved in managing a case. Configurable to your practice, they allow you to work in a way that suits you.

Secure web portal 

Securely and efficiently send updates, share data, and collaborate on documents with both clients and third parties in the Osprey web portal.

Time recording

Automatically and accurately record time with Osprey’s integrated time recording.  

Date Management

Never miss a hearing or a deadline with automated key dates that are integrated with your Outlook calendar.

Integrated billing

Follow audit trails and break down all your fees on a per-matter basis. Osprey’s legal accounting software ensures all figures are accurate and are both SRA and MTD compliant. Avoid errors and disputes and maintain control of your finances.

Lexis Smart Forms integration 

Save time when creating forms with the Lexis Smart Forms integration with Osprey. Have access to over 4,000 up to date form that are auto-populated with the data you store in Osprey.  

Business Intelligence

Help your firm succeed with Osprey’s business intelligence reports. Access our suite of interactive dashboards, or build your own reports, and gain valuable insights into your firms’ finances and performance.

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“I would recommend you take a look at Osprey: there are numerous time-saving features that bring value to our firm on a daily basis.”

James Newnham, Practice & Accounts Manager, Newnham & Jordan Solicitors

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A complete software solution for busy lawyers

Osprey provides law firms with the tools they need to drive long-term efficiencies.

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