“After a matter of months, we all agreed we simply could not be without Osprey and all rely on it each and every day.”

Gwyn George
Managing Partner

Located in Wales, GGP Law are a firm with 45 staff throughout their offices in Aberdare, Blackwood and Merthyr Tydfil. They provide a wide range of legal services for private clients, legally aided clients and commercial organisations.






Documents Migrated

GGP Law were using separate non-integrated accounts and case management systems and wanted to provide a standardisation of business practices and processes across all three branches and move to a central integrated accounts and case management platform.

In early 2018, they went to market in order to establish which software solution would provide them with the features they needed to not only meet their day to day requirements but also assist them in their future growth plans and underpin the business processes.

Key Osprey features for GGP Law

Integrated Accounts

Case Management

Legal Apps

After very careful consideration we chose Osprey Approach provided by Pracctice to replace our current systems.

There were many reasons for this, the true web-based nature of their products, the comprehensive mobile app suite, the intuitive nature of the product and the fact we could all see how Osprey Approach could change our practice for the better.

The project involved the migration of data from the two disparate systems as well as re-engineering of their case management processes on a department by department basis. In addition, a full document conversion was undertaken so that on go live users had access to their full virtual case file.

All staff underwent specialised training prior to “Go Live” with additional support provided onsite on the “Go Live” date to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Throughout the project, Pracctice Limited worked closely with GGP Law and GGP Law’s chosen IT supplier, Reddrum, who provided excellent assistance and continue to do so.

Our Project Manager kept us fully informed as the project progressed and their attitude and dedication to making this implementation a success has certainly made a big difference to our business.

After a matter of months, we all agreed we simply could not be without Osprey and all rely on it each and every day.

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