Tutorials ~ Osprey Approach Legal Software


Clients & Matters

  • How to Create a Client and Matter
  • How to Edit Client Details
  • How to Add and Edit a Matter
  • How to Archive and Restore a Matter
  • Creating & Printing File Labels
  • Creating & Using Extensions


  • How to Search by Client Number
  • How to Search by Matter Description
  • How to Search Using the Detailed Client Search
  • How to Run a Conflict of Interest Search
  • Searching for Clients, Matters & Dossier Information

Standard Letters

  • How to Run a Standard Document
  • IF & ASK Statements
  • Standard Documents Part 1: Adding & Filtering Your Documents
  • Standard Documents Part 2: Linking Fields to Your Documents

Contacts & Organisations

  • How to Create a Contact
  • How to Create an Organisation

Matter History

  • How to Preview an Item
  • How to Download an Item
  • How to Check In & Check Out Items
  • How to Clone an Item
  • How to Add a New Item
  • How to Edit the Details of an Item
  • How to Subscribe to Notifications for an Item
  • How to Delete an Item
  • How to Upload an Item
  • How to Email an Item
  • How to Create a Court Bundle
  • How to Create Packages


  • How to Email a Client
  • Email Templates


  • How to Enter and Edit Matter Level Dossier Information
  • How to Enter and Edit Client Level Dossier Information

The Word Add-In

  • How to Set Up & Log Into the Word Add-In


  • Access Templates
  • Managing Your Users in Osprey Approach
  • How to Use Include Documents

Case Management

  • Running Workflows
  • Key Dates & The Key Date Summary

Banks & Journals

  • Creating & Printing Cheque Templates

Time Recording

  • Creating & Printing Bills

Web Access Portal

  • Supervisor Setup
  • Questionnaires
  • The Deal Room
  • User (Osprey)
  • Logging In
  • User (Portal)