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Why Case Management?

Case Management is used by most law firms nowadays to give them a competitive edge. It isn’t just for prescriptive types of work and is used in firms and departments of all types, including niche areas of law.

As well as the considerable cost savings and efficiencies gained, good case management set up also provides you with a house style for documents, assistance in adhering to business processes, compliances and virtual files. As Osprey Approach is a fully cloud-based legal software you have the added benefit of being able to access these files from any location in the world, allowing for remote access, a disaster recovery plan and guaranteed business continuity.

For the more prescribed areas of work, and to assist firms in realising the many benefits of using case management with very little setup time, we have developed a suite of Turnkey case management provisions. These enable you to “turn on and go” with case management rather than have to set this up yourselves from scratch – an efficient way to deliver efficient working.

Turnkey Case Management

Turnkey case management packages can be tweaked and personalised to suit specific requirements. We can show you how when you make use of your free training provision session.

As an Osprey Approach client you’ll also benefit from Turnkey case management solutions at no additional cost. These include all of the required data fields, standard letters, forms and workflows for each area of work. Alternatively, you may prefer us to create an entirely bespoke system for you for an additional charge.

If you would like to discuss this please call us on 03300 604940 or email us.