Is my firm too small for case management software?

Category: Blog, Case Management, Client Management 23rd August 2021

We’re often asked the question, ‘is my firm too small for case management software?’ and we understand why small firms may think legal technology is not right for them. There is so much information in the market regarding the latest technology applications that it can be confusing to understand how that can relate to your firm. The information isn’t always clear regarding cost, implementation, and process automation and that’s led to plenty of misconceptions and myths when it comes to the fundamentals of legal software

The honest answer is case management software has numerous benefits to practices of all shapes and sizes. Without solid digital foundations, firms can struggle to effectively scale, grow, and progress. But with effective case management software, firms can reduce manual administrative, remove ineffective and time-consuming processes, and perform at their best to deliver top-quality, profitable legal services.

To help you decide what’s right for your firm we’ll cover the basics, the facts and address the legal software myths in this article. We’ll explain exactly what case management software is and the features that can benefit your practice, we’ll discuss the common concerns about case management software for small firms and we’ll look at the benefits of case management for firms like yours.

What is a case management system?

Case management software (CMS) is designed to digitalise processes and tasks involved in managing a legal case, no matter which area of law you practice. A case management solution centralises all your operations and data to ensure everyone is working from the same accurate, standardised information. CMS, when implemented correctly, becomes the central hub for all processes, tasks, and data, which provides visibility and enables greater control for managers, but also an efficient and productive workflow for employees. Legal software helps to reduce manual admin and enables automation through customisable workflows to improve efficiencies, productivity, and ultimately profitability.

All good case management solution includes features such as integrated accounting, time recording, document, and form management, contact management, client portal integration, reporting and workflows automation. Many software suppliers provide additional bolt-on modules to enhance the functionality of the software to suit more complex needs, a firms’ specific goals or a niche requirement, but the features mentioned above are a requirement for an effective system.

Case management software helps firms reach their goals because it frees up resource within the firm to focus on value-added tasks that drive a business forward. Firms can dedicate more time to business development, client relationship, and their goals that help drive a firm to the next level. Focusing on those higher-level strategic plans ensures a firm stays competitive and relevant to their clients and the market. 

Addressing the myths of case management software for small law firms

Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes implement and utilise Osprey Approach, our case management solution. We’ve seen small firms, just like yours, achieve huge goals and ambitions by embracing and utilising legal software. To help lawyers know if their firm would benefit from case management software, we’ve addressed the frequently asked questions and most heard myths below.

Myth 1: “We don’t make enough revenue to need a case management software.”

We understand the concerns small firms have over cashflow and adding another cost to your overheads to improve profitability can see counterproductive. But there are two things you need to consider: how much is yours and your employees’ time worth and case management software isn’t just a cost, it’s an investment.

Firstly, legal software helps free your firm’s time up to focus on billable hours. So, consider how much time you currently spend on the tasks that the software would eliminate. Case management software removes data errors, time spent manually searching for and reviewing invoices, timesheets, and documents, duplicate data entry, multiple spreadsheets, and systems and so much more, saving everyone in your firm’s hours across a month.

Secondly, like any other investment in your firm, such as valued fee earners, case management software delivers financial benefit to your practice. The software drives efficiencies, helps you stay competitive and ensures business continuity, all resulting in financial returns that outweigh the cost of a licence fee.

Furthermore, software also provides opportunity, helping law firm identify areas of growth, where to focus resource to win new business, where to save money, how to improve employee satisfaction or how to enhance client service.

Consider the current costs involved in valuable fee earners wasting resource completing manual admin against the cost of a licence per user and weigh up the returns. It’s important when reviewing the costs to consider the impacts and the returns the software will deliver based on the new opportunities presented to you too and how well your current processes will support you in a few years’ time.

Myth 2: “We’re a small team and don’t have the resource to manage the implementation of new software.”

Typically, implementing case management software into a small firm is an easier task than implementing new software into a larger firm with multiple departments or branches. You’ll have less data to transfer, processes to switch and user’s train. However, we know change, of any kind, can be daunting and feel over-whelming.

That’s why, as your software partner, we’re here to help guide you through the process every step of the way. We have a dedicated team who have years of experience migrating firms of all sizes to Osprey.

To maximise the benefits of your investment, the implementation process does take dedication and resource. The more time spent upfront on implementing the system to meet your needs and the more time spent on learning the software, the more useful the system will be to your firm, because it can only give back what you put it. However, with a clear project plan and objectives, we can help you manage the migration and ensure you and your team feel confident using the system.

Myth 3: “Our processes aren’t complex enough for a case management system.”

Case management software provides many other benefits to lawyers than handling complex processes. In fact, it’s the simple, every day, repetitive processes that the software can automate that will have the biggest impact on your firm.

Similarly, don’t wait for process to become complex and cumbersome and for the volumes of work to become unmanageable before implementing change. Legal case management software is built to make the everyday management of your cases simpler so you can perform at your best, focus on value-added tasks, and meet your goals with ease.

Case management software streamlines your processes and makes your daily workload easier to manage with the resources you have, so you can continue to focus on what you love and let the software handle the rest.

Myth 4: “We don’t want to grow our firm, so we have no requirement for a case management system”

Case management software helps law firms, of any size, progress towards and achieve their goals, no matter what they are. A CMS is a brilliant tool for helping firms effectively scale and grow but it also helps firms to make better use of their current resource, improve employee satisfaction, enhance client service, enable remote working, work less hours, take the weekend off, and provide quality, cost-effective legal services.

No matter your goal, a CMS helps to reduce your manual administrative workload and implement automation, so you’re freed up to focus on achieving them. Even if growth and expansion isn’t part of your business plan, a CMS can still revolutionise the way you work that will impact your team, clients, goals and the bottom-line. Legal software provides you with the tools to reduce the cost and time in staying compliant, achieve accreditations, meet the requirements of regulations and your PII applications, improve your clients’ legal experience, improve employee satisfaction, and much more.

If you’re looking to run a successful, profitable firm then case management software will help you do that with ease. Talk to us to find out how case management software can help you reach your goals.

The benefits of a case management software to small law firms

Implementing case management software provides a solid digital foundation that will enable your firm to be more adaptable, scalable, and flexible, helping you to easily tackle future challenges.

Utilise your team’s time and skills in the best way possible and avoid wasting time on manual admin by automating and digitalising your operations in a case management system. Software removes distractions and enables you to focus on what’s important to help you achieve your goals faster. Below are the top 4 benefits of case management software for small law firms that you don’t want to be missing out on any longer…

Increases productivity

As a small firm, it’s likely that each person within your team is wearing multiple hats and taking on multiple roles. By implementing case management software, it can help you manage and juggle multiple roles and tasks with ease so you never miss a beat, and you can perform at your best. Easily stay on top of deadlines, reduce human error, never miss place a document and be responsive to clients all through the automation and digital tools available to you in case management software. Reduce your administrative workload and focus on what’s important to drive the firm forward and maximise profitability.

Maximises profitability

Time is money in the business of law, and we know that for small firms maximising cashflow is key. Legal software solutions create a streamlined operation so resource isn’t wasted on inefficient processes and billable hours can be maximised.

Efficiency-boosting features like automated workflows, integrated time-recording and auto-populated forms and documents, help your firm to increase efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce waste, resulting in maximised profitability.

Case management software also provides insight for business leaders to make smarter, data-driven decisions to drive their firm forward. The software can provide the insight you need to know where to focus your efforts to win new business, build better relationships and increase referrals. Embrace technology to maximise your existing resource but also identify opportunities to grow revenue.

Enables business continuity

Cloud software enables you to be digital-first so you can stay flexible, adaptable, and operate successfully from anywhere, putting you one step ahead of the competition.

Building digital foundations in your firm provides benefits above and beyond daily efficiencies. Running a modern practice helps you hire and retain the best talent; it enables you to easily implement a hybrid-working strategy where employees can be effective no matter their location and provide greater satisfaction in their daily workload. You can also expand your reach to attracting and winning new business. When firms can effectively communicate, onboard, and collaborate with clients from anywhere you reduce barriers to growth and expansion.

Embracing legal software helps your firm successful tackle future challenges and ensures business continuity to reduce disruption and loss of work.

Deliver unrivalled client service

The most crucial part of your business is providing your clients with excellent service. Case management software makes this process both easy and effective and provides the digital tools you need to deliver enterprise-level service to your clients. Tools like client portals, automated text messages and e-signatures are all part of a quality case management solution that will help you deliver competitive, unrivalled client service.

These features and more will improve client satisfaction by modernising the legal services you provide and removing barriers in your clients’ journey that earns your firm excellent reviews, a boosted reputations, referrals, and recommendations.

Case management software benefits law firms of all sizes

Investing in case management software, regardless of the size of your firm, provides opportunity, financial gains, and a competitive edge. Embracing legal software to help manage your practice and cases helps towards future-proofing your firm. A future-proofed firm ensures you have business continuity no matter the challenges you’re faced with, helps you attract and retain top-quality talent, helps you win new business and build better relationships with clients, ensures you stay relevant and competitive and enables automation and digitalisation for an efficient and effective operation.

Give your firm an advantage over the competition and meet you goals quicker by investing in case management software.