Legal software for IT managers & directors

Take away the stress of managing disparate, ineffective, unsecure systems and centralise and streamline with Osprey Approach. We provide a single platform that protects your data, integrates with your most-loved business tools, and enables business continuity if the worst should happen. With Osprey, you’ll have a solution that is flexible and scalable to your needs.

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Roles include: IT Support, IT Manager, IT Director, Technical Director.

Why IT Managers & Directors use Osprey

Protects data, ensures business continuity, enables flexibility.

Cloud-based all-in-one platform

Reap the benefits of running your firm from the cloud so hybrid-working is easy and your favourite business tools can be integrated into one.

Protected & secure data

Industry-leading firewalls, ISO 27001 accredited data centres, data encryption and much more that help to keep your data secure.

Configurable to your needs

Osprey’s workflows, reports, data fields and much more can be configurable, adapted, and edited to meet your firm’s needs.

Reduce data and cyber risks with a compliant and connected

Law firms are prime targets for cyber criminals and an attack could prove devastating to your business, because without access to your data it’d be impossible to serve your clients. Osprey helps your firm stay protected and compliant to ensure business continuity and client care.

Business continuity  

As a cloud solution, you’re naturally protected from disasters that could destroy on-premise solutions. But your data is also backup safely, across two locations, so access to your data isn’t disrupted.

Reduce reliance on emails    

Sending and receiving files and sensitive data via emails increases data risks. With Osprey, everyone necessary can access data directly from the system so everyone is kept up to date within one platform. Plus, the client portal enables you to utilise the safety of Osprey with your clients too, avoiding unsecure email chains.

Secure product controls   

Control and monitor access with secure user logins, two factor authentication and permission controls to ensure your employees aren’t at risk.

Stay compliant

We implement data security protocols at every stage of your data’s lifecycle to ensure you’re operating using industry best practices. Osprey is also hosted in UK data centres so you can be confident you meet certain accreditations, legislations, and compliance requirements.

Integrate and centralise systems 

We know you’d rather be digitally transforming processes and enhancing operations rather than updating multiple systems and fixing broken integrations. Osprey is an all-in-one platform that combines practice and case management tools, legal accounting software, and a client web portal so you can reduce redundant and ineffective systems. With your data, documents, and processes centralised in one place you can reduce the resource needed keeping everything up to date. Plus, we seamlessly integrate with your most used business tools so you can a smoother, more connected operation.

Support to maximise utilisation

Choosing a new software solution isn’t the only hurdle in your new PCMS project, adoption and firm-wide utilisation is a barrier to maximise return on your investment. As your software partner, we provide unlimited training and support, dedicated help through initial migration, and regular account management check-ins to aid utilisation. You and your firm will always have access to a telephone-first support desk, trainer-led course, and online how-to guides so you can use Osprey to perform at your best.  

Joss Legal praise Osprey’s ease of use, ongoing development & training

“All of the promises which were made when we selected the solution have been kept. We’re pleased we chose Osprey Approach and the software continues to get better over time with new developments and updates.”

Susan Joss, Owner, Joss Legal Solutions

Legal software features designed for IT managers:

Data protection

State-of-the-art infrastructure, sophisticated security best practices, and user controls within Osprey gives you peace of mind that your data is protected.

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Implementation support      

You’ll have a dedicated project manager, a clear project plan – that can be implemented in stages, and ongoing guidance and assistance to ensure you can utilise Osprey as quick as possible.

Configurable workflows  

No code required, configurable workflows can be tailored to your firm’s needs so you can build streamlined, standardised processes that improve efficiency and productivity.


Osprey integrates with leading software providers so you can work more effectively with your everyday business tools, right from the Osprey platform

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Legal software for all areas of law

Osprey provides features and functionality suited to all areas of law. With specialised apps, powerful features and automated workflows, our solution provides the tools to stay focused and increase efficiencies.


Family Law

Criminal Law

Wills & Probate




The Osprey Approach all-in-one legal software solution for SME law firms

The Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, compliant legal accounting, and streamlined client management that helps make running your law firm easier.

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