Immigration case management software

Ease the pressures of your workload with efficiency-boosting features and automated tools in Osprey Approach, the cloud-based case management solution designed to streamline the processes involved in immigration cases. There’s a lot of details, dates, and documents to keep track of and it’s important that everything is in order to successfully help you clients. The Osprey software helps you centralise and organise your case so you can focus on easing the stress of the immigration process for your clients.

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Why immigration lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

Client communication

Easily capture data, share documents, and keep your clients informed of case progression with Osprey.

Greater organisation

Centralised documents and accurate data ensure you’re always on track and in control.

Enhanced scheduling

Use a combination of automated workflows and the Osprey Outlook add-in to stay on top of critical deadlines and tasks.

Work anywhere, at any time

Osprey provides law firms with the digital tools to work effectively from any location and empowers immigration lawyers to work in a way that suits them. Access your client data, documents, and matter history from the palm of hand using the Osprey multi-device app, so you can continue to progress a case, even when you’re on the go. Effortlessly track your time against tasks too using the mobile time recording app so you’re always accurately recording billable and non-billable hours.

Increase productivity

Free up your time using automation to increase productivity so you can dedicate your focus on your clients. Centralising your data in Osprey provides you with opportunities to reduce manual admin, cut overhead costs and streamline repetitive tasks. You can create forms and documents in minutes, not hours, because they automatically pre-populate using the information you hold. You can reduce the cost of creating case bundles when using the bundle function to index and paginate your PDF document and you can streamline all processes using the Osprey focused workflows to automate those time-consuming manual tasks. 

Streamline data capture

Reduce the risk of error and simplify your data capture to decrease your document production time, to help you stay on top of deadlines and provide an easier experience for your client. Keep track of what clients have and haven’t provided in Osprey by creating task lists and using automated workflows to schedule key dates, internal reminders, and critical deadlines. Create as many immigration-specific custom fields as you need so you can collect and organise the data required for your case and file all your templates, forms, and communications to the matter history, so you have a 360-degree view of your case progression to improve accuracy and provide clarity.

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Immigration case management software key features:

Case bundles

Save time and money creating your case bundles in Osprey. Easily select documents and build your PDF bundle that is automatically paginated and indexed without manual editing.

Client portal

Provide clients with an online platform to securely send and receive files and view real-time case updates to help enhance client service and speed up case progression.  

Integrated billing 

Improve the accuracy of your bills, speed up the invoicing process and gain full visibility of your firm’s finances with Osprey’s fully integrated legal accounts.  

Document production

Auto-populate documents and form using the data you store in Osprey to avoid rekeying data and reduce the risk of errors.

Time recording

Accurately record time and ensure billable hours are properly tracked, for both private and legal aid clients, using the Osprey time recording mobile app.

Automated workflows

Reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks and streamline your workload with our immigration law workflows.

Key dates 

Stay organised and on top of deadlines, even when your workload increases, using the key dates functionality in Osprey that auto schedules internal reminders and upcoming key dates into Osprey and your Outlook calendar.

Trusted Integrations

Take advantage of the many market-leading business tools that can be connected with Osprey to streamline your workload.

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“I would say Osprey is one of the best customer services in case management software for solicitors.”

Yash Dubal, Director, A Y & J Solicitors

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