Communicate effectively with your clients using the Osprey and TextAnywhere integration. Helping you enhance client service and win new business, TextAnywhere is a SMS messaging platform created with businesses in mind.

Integrate Osprey Approach with TextAnywhere

Osprey Approach and TextAnywhere help you win new business and build stronger relationships by enhancing the client service you provide.        

Key benefits

Easy & quick  

Sending text messages is a quick, cost-effective and easy way to communicate with your clients. They no longer need to scroll through endless emails, they can be updated in seconds via a text.  

Timely & personal  

Sending a short and sweet text update adds a personal touch that emails can’t achieve. Plus, SMS boasts a 96% open rate as a communication channel so you can be confident your client will have seen your message.

Automated in workflows  

When integrated with Osprey, you can automate your client communication by adding TextAnywhere to our focused workflows. Standardise processes and ensure client communications are never missed.    

Improve client management and communication  

The quality of your client service is what sets you apart from competitors. With all law firms operating under the same laws and statutes, a client-focused service will enable you to stand out from the crowd, helping you win and retain business. The Osprey and TextAnywhere integration enables you to provide a timely and personal service, ensuring you keep your client up to date.  

  • Easily send SMS messages to clients to communicate updates, tasks and deadlines
  • Send personal and timely follow-up messages to help win new business
  • Offer a transparent client service using effective text messaging
  • Use alongside the secure client portal to exceed client expectations
  • Avoid unmanageable, long email chains that are difficult for clients to organise

Reduce admin 

The Osprey and TextAnywhere integration can be used in conjunction with the Osprey automated workflows to streamline your legal processes. Implement a standardised process for updating and communicating with clients to improve your overall client service. When used alongside the client web portal it enables your firm to deliver a truly client-focused service that’ll boost your reputation.

  • Integrate with the Osprey automated workflows
  • Trigger text messages at agreed stages of your workflows for timely updates and task or upcoming deadline reminders
  • Design templates for each communication type to stay on brand
  • Data from Osprey can be merged into text messages using pre-defined text templates.
  • Send SMS messages using the client data already stored in Osprey
  • Enhance your service with the Osprey client web portal alongside text messaging so the client feels in control
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I create standardised text message templates

    Yes you can. Similarly to building standard documents templates, you can build a library of text message templates that can be used throughout your firm to help communicate a standardised, on brand message. The templates can then be auto-populated with the data you store in Osprey so the texts are personalised to the recipient.

  • Why should law firm send client text messages?

    Text messages are a great tool for communicating with your clients on quick updates or reminders relating to a case. Texts easily convey key information and short messages that are more likely to be read over an email. The average text message is read within 3 minutes of being received, in comparison the average email which takes around 48 hours to be read. This means you could progress your cases faster, provide a transparent, convenient service and avoid delays easier than ever before.

  • How much does TextAnywhere cost?

    TextAnywhere works on credits, which you can purchase in bundles. Depending on the quantity of credits you purchase you could be paying as little as 3.3p per text message. Please contact TextAnywhere directly for more information and to create an account.

  • How much the does the integration cost?

    You will need an account set-up with TextAnywhere and to purchase credits to send text messages. Once you have an account you can use the integration with Osprey at no additional cost.

  • Do you offer training on the TextAnywhere integration?

    All training is included in your Osprey Approach subscription costs, so we can assist you with the initial setup of the integration, as well as your day-to-day use. We also have online how-to guides and videos that you can access from the Osprey Academy, 24/7, to help you with set-up and support.

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