Coadjute is digitally connecting conveyancers to all parties involved in the property transaction. Integrated with Osprey, you can easily collaborate and share key details without endless phone calls, email chasing and back and forth updates. Progress faster, without friction and more securely when Osprey is connected with Coadjute. 

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Key benefits

Reduce admin  

Using the secure Coadjute Network, you can share and receive real-time case updates so you can cooperate with parties without hours of chasing. Avoid lengthy emails, time-consuming calls, and scanning and posting by connecting Osprey with Coadjute.  

Communicate securely

Coadjute’s secure blockchain network protects your clients’ sensitive data so you can reduce the risk of fraud or data breaches. The encrypted network secures your data so only you and the receiving party has access.  

Progress faster  

You can work more effectively without admin tasks holding you back. Experience a faster and more streamlined transaction when your Osprey case management solution is connected by Coadjute.       

How Coadjute will benefit your firm

Osprey Approach and Coadjute are helping to connect the property market so you and your clients benefit from a faster and more efficient transaction.    

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Faster transactions    

Imagine if your software connected in real-time to others in the property market. Using the Coadjute Network you can view updates, share documents, and communicate right from within Osprey. All without needing to email, call or re-key data.

With a click of a button, you can securely sync data across all platforms so that there is one single source of truth about the property transaction. Without manual intervention, you and your client benefit from a more efficient process that speeds up progression, saving time and money.  

Experience the Coadjute integration to:

  • Securely connect with estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders
  • Remove manual chasing using phone or email
  • View real-time updates to identify delays or blockers
  • Synchronise your data for a single source of truth
  • Send and receive documents safely from within Osprey
  • Collaborate with other parties securely

Improved profitability    

When you can remove the time-consuming manual tasks that are holding up your day, you’re free to focus on more valuable work. The Osprey and Coadjute integration remove the barriers for effective collaboration and enables all parties to benefit from real-time updates, synchronised data and streamlined processes. Not only does this save you money by removing costly inefficient tasks, but it frees up your firm to focus on client relationships and business development that will help drive your firm forward.

Use the Coadjute integration to:

  • Access to real-time, synchronised data
  • Identify delays and blockers early
  • Update clients on progression with ease
  • Avoid wasting time manually chasing third parties
  • Streamline and modernise your conveyancing processes
  • Free up time to focus on value-added activities

A more enjoyable process       

Coadjute connects the property market through existing software solutions. This means that you can ease the pressures of your workload and make the conveyancing processes easier on your firm and your clients. The Osprey and Coadjute integration helps to create a better experience for fee earners who don’t want to spend hours of their day on the phone chasing. It eases the stress of your clients who are always kept up to date on the status of the deal.

With your new Coadjute integration you can:    

  • Reduce manual tasks
  • Easily collaborate with third parties
  • Free up your time for revenue-creating activities
  • Deliver an enhanced service to your clients
  • Access real-time data so you’re in control of progression
  • Run a more profitable firm

Coadjute is digitally connecting the property market

Find out how Coadjute is connecting the property market through existing software solutions so conveyancers, estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders have access to real-time data and a single source of truth.

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