Streamline your conveyancing processes using SearchFlow, the leading UK property search provider in residential and commercial markets. When integrated with Osprey Approach, law firms have access to one centralised platform for ordering and storing searches to help improve the efficiencies of your conveyancing processes.

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Key benefits

Be more efficient  

Remove slow and manual processes from your firm with the Searchflow and Osprey integration. Data stored in osprey is pre-populated into SearchFlow’s forms to avoid re-keying data that can cause costly errors and inaccuracies.

Centralised platform    

A centralised database ensures accuracy and compliance. SearchFlow uses the data already stored in Osprey and automatically saves completed reports and searches back into the matter history for full visibility of a matter in one platform.

Accurate billing  

Ensure accuracy between your client billing and outgoing expenses with the SearchFlow and Osprey integration. It ensures service costs are automatically added to your client ledger so you don’t have to remember to manually add them.  

Seamless integration with Osprey Approach

Osprey Approach and SearchFlow help make the time-consuming processes involved in residential and commercial conveyancing quicker and easier.   

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Searchflow integration

Keep your projects moving  

With over 1 million high quality searches completed promptly every year with SearchFlow, you can be confident that they’ll help you to progress your case faster. With all your data already stored in Osprey, you don’t have to worry about re-keying in information. Reduce manual tasks and human error with pre-populated forms that are ordered straight from the Osprey case management solution and saved directly back into your software when completed.

  • Data stored within Osprey is pre-populated into the forms you need
  • All completed searches, SearchFlow reports, and files are automatically saved back into the matter history
  • Complete your property searches through one centralised platform
  • Wide range of residential and commercial property and land searches available

Be more profitable

Time is money in the business of law so it’s crucial you maximise your day to improve the profitability of your firm. By improving efficiencies and digitalising your conveyancing processes you can reduce the time-consuming manual admin tasks and free up your workload to focus on your clients and business development. Work more efficiently and speed up conveyancing processes with the Searchflow and Osprey integration.

  • Avoid relying on traditional, slow and costly conveyancing processes
  • Reduce manual administration tasks with a centralised platform
  • Order all your conveyancing searches online
  • Automatically add expenses to your client ledger for accurate billing
  • Increase productivity to focus on growing your firm
  • SearchFlow offer competitive and volume-based pricing bands for flexibility and cost savings
  • Modernise your processes for a future-proofed business

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