Provide a digital, convenient service for your clients

Balance driving efficiencies for your firm with delivering excellent client service using Osprey. A complete case management solution that helps you streamline processes from initial enquiry to case completion.

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Client onboarding software for law firms

Exceed your clients’ expectations and easily onboard new clients with the Osprey client onboarding software. A single client and case management platform that ensures your clients receive a convenient and quality service whilst your team are efficient and compliant.

What is client onboarding software and how does it benefit law firms?

Client onboarding software helps to manage converted enquiries into paying clients. The software works in conjunction with your client and case management software to help streamline the intake process from capturing initial enquiries, scheduling follow-ups, collecting data, verifying details and signing contracts. Take your clients from initial enquiry to opening a case with ease.

Using digital onboarding tools is the quickest and most cost-effective way for law firms to onboard clients and helps to provide a modern and convenient service that exceeds expectations. Osprey’s client onboarding solution integrates seamlessly with the case management features and secure client portal. Easily capture data, share client care letters for e-signatures, receive identification documents, and share updates within one centralised platform.

Streamline your client onboarding experience

Client intake has never been easier with a digital onboarding service that takes prospects from initial enquiry into a paying client. Balance driving efficiencies for your firm with delivering excellent client service using Osprey, a single, complete client and case management solution, which helps you streamline and digitise the processes involved in onboarding clients to enable a paperless operation. Utilising our market-leading integrations you can complete every stage of onboarding from within the Osprey platform so you’re meeting client needs whilst positively affecting your bottom-line.

Digital client onboarding workflow

Combine your digital client onboarding actions into one single task that you can run together, in our automated workflows, at a click of button to improve service quality, consistency, and compliance.

Client portal

Send clients log in credentials for a self-service, secure client web portal.

Client care letter

Digitally create and send a client care letter.


Electronically sign client care letters with DocuSign in the Osprey portal.


Complete verification of identify (VOI), AML checks, and funds (VOF) using InfoTrack in Osprey.


Send onboarding questionnaires through the portal to capture key client data up front.

Key dates

Assign tasks, deadlines and set reminders for internal use or to your clients.

Key client onboarding software features

Client web portal 

Provide a secure self-service online portal for your clients to view case progression, upload, and view documents, send data and sign agreements.

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Online enquiry forms

Capture data 24/7 on your website with online enquiry forms that are integrated with your legal CRM, so all data is automatically stored, avoiding data admin.

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Electronic signatures

Speed up case progression by completing contracts and letters in minutes rather than days using the DocuSign integration. Documents can be tagged with the signature tool for induvial or multiple signatures, as well as witnesses.  

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AML & ID checks

Convenient, fast, and compliant, the digital onboarding tools help you easily complete your client due diligence tasks using InfoTrack via Osprey.

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Legal CRM

Secure all your prospect and client data in one centralised client management platform so you have full visibility of trends and opportunities.

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Auto-populate data

Speed up document production and reduce errors by utilising the data you store in Osprey to automatically populate your document, form, and email templates.

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Automated workflows

Standardise your client onboarding process to ensure consistency, quality, and compliance. Junior lawyers, support staff, and fee earners can complete onboarding quicker using the Osprey configurable workflows.

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Reporting dashboards

Data-driven insight drives businesses forward and with your data centralised in one platform you can gain a 360-degree view of your firms’ performance.

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Osprey integrates with your most loved business tools

Realise business efficiencies by combining Osprey with best-in-breed legal software and services so you can manage all your onboarding tasks within one platform.

Client portal software is the future for law firms

Discover how you can deliver modern client-centred services and drive long-term efficiencies for your firm with an integrated client portal.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is client intake and onboarding software?

    Client intake and onboarding software works in conjunction with a legal client relationship management (CRM) software and assists with managing prospective clients, converting enquiries into paying clients and onboarding them to open a case. The software streamlines and automates the intake processes from capturing initial enquiries, scheduling follow-ups, collecting data, verifying details and signing contracts. Take your clients from initial enquiry to opening a case with ease.

  • How does the Osprey client onboarding software work with the web portal?

    The easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way to onboard clients is digitally which is why a big part of our client onboarding solution involved the Osprey web portal. Publish questionnaires to capture data, share client care letters for e-signature, and receive identification documents all from within the secure web portal. This helps to speed up case progression, provides a convenient service for clients, expands the reach of opportunity for winning clients and positively affects your bottom-line.

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management so you can run an effective and profitable firm.

Discover more features that streamline your client management:

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