Task Management Software for UK Law Firms

Streamline your legal task management processes with Osprey key dates

Easily stay on top of all your tasks, appointments and deadlines using the Osprey key date feature and task management functionality. Create to-do lists, calendar events, mark deadlines, set reminders and seamlessly manage all your tasks within the Osprey Case Management System. Osprey’s integration with Microsoft 365 also allows you to view your tasks within Outlook for full visibility.

Be in control of your tasks & diary

Improve organisation

See which tasks demand immediate attention at a glance in the Osprey dashboard, enabling you to prioritise your time more effectively.

Speed up case progression

Workflows automatically allocate appropriate key dates, removing the busy work that comes from inputting reminders and appointments manually, while also copying to your Outlook calendar.

Stay one step ahead

Key dates help to ensure deadlines, appointments, and follow-ups are never missed to increase the quality of your service. They also help to improve compliance ensuring the firm follows best practices.

Task management software key features:

Manage tasks within workflows

Key dates can be added to workflows to automatically set reminders, send emails, plan appointments and much more.

Mark tasks as complete within workflows

While running tasks in workflows, Osprey auto-updates key dates so your task list is always kept up to date.

Colour-coded key dates

Gain an instant view of your ongoing tasks as you log into Osprey to easily determine your priorities with a colour-coded list of key dates and tasks.

Keep your clients informed

As your tasks are completed, your clients are informed on their case’s progression with updates in either the web portal or through templated emails.

Easily reassign key dates

If a fee earner is absent, easily reassign their key dates to another member of the team to ensure appointments, tasks or deadlines aren’t missed.

Outlook integration

View your calendar events, to-do lists, or tasks in either Osprey or Outlook to ensure you’re always in-the-know.

Key date reports

Create filtered reports and receive a firm-wide overview on your firms in-progress and priority key dates.

Empower your firm by working smarter

Improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability using Osprey’s all-in-one case management system. Exceed your client’s expectations and reduce time spent in admin by streamlining the case management lifecycle with features to aid in client onboarding, time recording, document production, and much more. Also make use of many top-shelf business tools integrated right into Osprey.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a key date?

    A key date in Osprey is used as a calendar reminders for tasks that require a date of completion. Key dates are a great way to manage your to-do list, ensure nothing is missed, and streamline your task management process. Key dates help to track a client’s case progression and inform you of the next step you will need to make. Key dates can be used to inform you of task deadlines, appointments you need to attend, follow-up calls to take, or reminders of next actions. These can either be assigned by the fee earner or support staff as a case progresses, or automatically assigned via a workflow to increase efficiencies.

  • Why should my law firm use case management software?

    Case management software provide lawyers with the digital tools they need to perform at their best. Utilising automation and efficiency-boosting functionality, legal software helps to increase productivity, improve efficiencies and boost profitability. No matter the size of your firm, case management software helps lawyers reach their goals because it frees up resource within the firm to focus on value-added tasks that drive a business forward. Whether your looking to better utilise your current resource, grow your team, increase revenue, work less or earn more, case management software provides you with the tools to work towards those goals.

  • What’s the best case management software for my law firm?

    With so many legal case management solutions to choose from it can be difficult to know what’s right for you firm. To start with, consider what your firm’s current challenges and future goals are in order to decide what you want your case management software to achieve. Once you know what you want it to achieve you can complete deeper due diligence when attending demos and asking questions about the features and functionality of the solution and if it’ll meet your needs.

  • What is a legal workflow?

    legal workflow enables a law firm to set up a series of sequential “actions” within a given “task”. For example, a file opening task could include a variety of actions including a questionnaire to input client details followed by a client care letter and a date reminder for the signed client care letter to be returned by the client.

    By mapping out action and tasks into a complete legal workflow you can automate those tasks and standardise your processes across your firm to improve efficiencies, client service and productivity. Workflows also reduce errors, remove manual administration and aid compliance.

    Workflows can be created to deal with specific processes across all areas of law and for any size law firm or department. Workflows can also include rules and filters to ensure they suitable for the case you’re working on. Osprey Approach includes a variety of templated workflows for firms to use out of the box, but all workflows are configurable and customisable to meet your firm’s needs.

  • Do you integrate with other legal software services?

    Yes, Osprey Approach integrates with various market-leading business tools and legal software services including DocuSign, Microsoft 365, InfoTrack and many more. Manage your entire firm through a centralised platform so you can streamline operations. Find out more information on our integration partners here.

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