Create quality client care letters

Improve client engagement with effective client care letter templates

Make a strong first impression and efficiently produce quality client care letters using the document production features within Osprey. Utilise the information stored within the centralised platform to create compliant and engaging client care letters that outlines expectations helping you to succeed.

Enhance your client experience

Ensure consistency

Standardise your client care letter by creating approved templates, using automated workflows and automatic data population.

Simple client onboarding

Enhance the client onboarding process whilst reducing admin with templated client care letters shared via a secure web portal.

Compliance made easy

Implement quality measures and template necessary compliance requirements to ensure all your team are following best practices.

Software features that help law firms create quality client care letters:

Document management

Create and share document templates within Osprey, allowing them to be accessed by everyone in the firm at any time.

Auto-populate data

Send high quality client care letters that are automatically populated with client information stored within Osprey to avoid data errors and inconsistencies.

Automated workflows

Include sending a client care letter among the tasks within workflows to help standardise the process for every member of your team, while also speeding up the process.

Secure web portal

Provide an easy-to-use platform to share client care letters and case updates in one centralised platform.


Allow your clients to sign any file electronically through our integration with DocuSign.

Office 365 integration

Utilise the familiar tools of Microsoft Outlook and Word to create documents and email clients.

What information is required in a client care letter?

A client care letter should outline how a client’s matter will be handled including how long it will take, how much the matter will cost, and what the client is expected to do next. View the SRA’s guidance to ensure your letters are compliant and communicate effectively to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a client care letter?

    A client care letter is a document that summarises precisely how your client’s matter will be handled by your law firm. This should be the first point of contact with your new client to set out expectations.

  • How is client data automatically inserted into client care letter templates?

    Using client data stored within Osprey’s centralised case management system, certain fields, such as names, phone number, etc. are automatically filled out in the appropriate field within the client care letter template.

  • What needs to be included in a client care letter?

    There are a number of thing to include within a client care letter template such as:

    -A set of instructions for what is expected from the client

    -A timescale for how long their case will take

    -How much their matter is expected to cost

    -Your contact details (email, phone number, etc.)


    For more information on what to include in your client care letter templates, please see the SRA’s guidance.

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