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Discover insights hidden in your data with our legal reporting and business intelligence tools. Empower your firm to make smarter data-driven decisions that will help you stay competitive and take your firm to the next level.

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Legal reporting software for UK law firms

When you have 360-degree visibility of your firm’s performance you can make smarter, data-driven decisions that put you in control. Osprey’s business intelligence tools empower your team to know when to make improvements and implement solutions in the present, and plan and forecast effectively for the future.

Management reporting tools to drive your law firm forward

Clear visibility of your finances, new client intake performance, WIP, employee targets and much more, enables your management team, partners, and operations managers to accurately plan and allocate resource to better meet future goals. Schedule reports and build intuitive dashboards so you have real-time data and analytics when you need them. Understand what makes you profitable and be in control of maximising those results.

Legal reporting tools within Osprey

Osprey includes – as standard – two reporting options. All reports are customisable, can be exported, and can be scheduled to send to other team members via email.

Suite of core reports

Osprey includes a suite of standard reports for law firms across all practice areas. These help you to understand your business and client financials, case and client performance, time and costs, and employee targets.

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Report designer

If you’re looking for a report that isn’t included in the core suite, you can use the report writer to build your own to export to Excel or PDF. Utilise any of the data you store in Osprey to create the report and graph you need.

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Power BI

Empower your employees to make confident, data-driven decisions using Microsoft Power BI to visualise your law firm’s data. Centralise all your firm data to gain a clearer view and clarity on your key metrics.

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An efficient way to analyse performance

Understanding your firm doesn’t require endless spreadsheets or paper reports, it needs a centralised database of client, matter and financial data.

By digitalising your processes and centralising your data in Osprey Approach, you can easily and quickly run reports and view real-time dashboards for a detailed and accurate view of your firm’s performance.

Key legal reporting software features

Powerful dashboards

Create your own interactive dashboards for a real-time visualisation of your data.

Automated reporting

Schedule important reports so that all team members are kept up to date on performance.

Comprehensive reporting suite

Utilise over 50 core reporting options already available in Osprey to start understanding your business today. 

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Report writer

Create your own reports, using any data source from Osprey, so you can view your practice in the way that suits you.

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Microsoft Power BI

Utilise Microsoft Power BI within Osprey to uncover hidden insights through powerful tools that deliver impactful results. Visualise and connect your data from many sources within one platform.

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Data ownership

Have ownership over your data with our extensive report writers. Easily extract, analyse, and report on any data inputted into Osprey.

10 performance and financial reports every managing partner needs

Download our guide to discover how to be a data-driven law firm and where to begin with law firm KPIs and performance reporting to drive success.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is legal reporting software?

    Legal reporting software organises the data you collect and store on your clients, matters and finances into comprehensive reports and dashboards to provide visibility and aid analysis. Having access to accurate, real-time reports is crucial for reviewing performance to progress your firm and achieve your goals. Download our guide on the top 10 reports every managing partner needs.
    Legal reporting software often provides templated reports that are configurable to your own individual needs which means you can organise data to suit the requirements of partners, legal operations managers, legal cashiers, fee earners, secretaries, COFA, COLP etc.

  • What is business intelligence?

    Business intelligence incorporates reporting, analytics and business performance monitoring together into an intuitive dashboard and reporting suite. By using the data you hold in your centralised database, you can build a 360 degree view of your firm’s performance, helping to put you in control of achieving your goals. Business intelligence tools empowers your firm to make data driven decisions to help you stay competitive. Data is often displayed in graphical dashboards to enable an at-a-glance-view of all your firm’s financial, client, matter and compliance data.

  • Are there pre-templated reports in Osprey we can use?

    Yes, Osprey includes a suite of over 50 standard reports that cover finances, client and matter information, time reports, as well as reports specifically designed for each workflow. This enables all firms to have clear visibility of their performance right from day one.

    You can also use Osprey’s report writer tool to configure and create your own reports or take advantage of the advanced business intelligence tools in the Microsoft Power BI integration, that provides intuitive and interactive dashboards.

  • What is a law firm KPI?

    Law firm KPIs, Key Performance Indicators, are quantifiable values that measure the success of a firm’s efforts in achieving their specific goals. This could be to increase revenue, clients, or referrers for example. Or it could be to improve profitability, customer retention or staff satisfaction.

    The KPIs you measure will depend on your individual goals, so will be unique when determining how you’ll measure success. These values are then measured regularly throughout a set period to determine the likelihood of success, monitor ongoing performance and to implement course correction.

  • Can I build my own reports in Osprey?

    Osprey has a powerful report writer tool, which allows you to create reports based on all the data you store in Osprey. You can create your own reports or clone existing ones to amend and customise. Osprey also has powerful business intelligence tools that enable you to build and configure your own interactive dashboards for enhanced visibility.

  • Can I schedule reports to run on a regular basis?

    Yes, reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly and can be sent by email to any number of recipients as a PDF or Excel document.

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

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