Legal time tracking reports

Keep track of you firm’s productivity to boost performance

Get accurate, real-time data that helps you monitor the productivity of your team so you can run a profitable and effective business. Integrated with time recording features, remove the need to manually track time and improve cash flow across your firm with time tracking and client billing reports.

Gain full visibility across your firm

Understand your teams’ productivity

Gain easy access to accurate data on how much time is being billed and the cashflow of your fee earners. Included as part of our core report suite, keeping track of productivity is easier with centralised data.

Increase profitability with accurate time tracking

Maximise your billable hours through easy-to-use time recording and billing software that integrates with our suite of time reports. Time can be recorded on the go to reduce manual admin, helping you meet your billing targets and overall goals.

Improve billing accuracy

Detailed reports inform future business decisions to help you make data-driven improvements to your performance. Without the need for manual admin you can access real-time data, pulled directly from Osprey that helps you bill accurately and forecast cashflow.

Legal time reporting key features:

Core time reporting suite

The Osprey suite of time tracking reports are part of over 50 core report templates that are available in the software. These reports every area of law and let you easily analyse the data you receive to make more informed decisions.

Detailed data filtering

Filter out and group specific data groups to help you gain an accurate view of time spent and clients billed. Filters can help highlight fee earner performance, top clients, best performing work types etc

Set KPIs and targets

Set targets and KPIs for your team to monitor performance towards the firm’s goals.

Report writer

Build your own custom reports if you don’t find the report you need in our core library. Report on all data stored in Osprey to create a detailed view of your firm. Find out more >

Time recording

The fully integrated time recording feature ensures your time reports are accurate and quick to create.

Time tracking reports include:

Work in progress (WIP)
Time spent
Fee analysis
Case costs

An efficient way to analyse performance

Through centralising your data within Osprey, easily and quickly run reports and view real-time dashboards to gain valuable insight on your firm’s performance. Learn where your time is spent, track your firm’s revenue, and monitor efficiencies to help set data-driven business goals. Avoid the confusion of searching complicated spreadsheets and let Osprey collect and present your data in a way that best suits you.

See the time tracking reports in action

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management so you can run an effective and profitable firm.

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