Resources for becoming a digital-first law firm

Discover videos, guides, and articles to help your law firm achieve its goal of becoming a digital-first business. Hear from legal experts who share their secrets, best practices, and top tips to help make running a law firm easier.

Build better business habits across your law firm

Being a digital-first law firm helps to effectively connect your people, processes and technology to create a streamlined operation that helps you stay ahead of the competition.

This page shares content and advice on how to adopt a digital-first mindset. You’ll discover:

-What a digital-first mindset is

-How legal tech will effect your long-term success

-Digital habits to adopt for success

-How to improve legal technology utilisation across the firm

Webinars: Expert advice from our panel of legal specialists

Join us and our expert guests as they share best practices and advice for building a digital-first law firm. Watch episode one, six and seven from our Build Better Habits series to discover how to successfully run a modern digital firm.


Think ‘digital-first’: How modern law firms can remain competitive with a digital operational strategy

What does is mean to have a truly digital operational strategy? We’ll discuss the importance of utilising digital tools for long-term success and where to start in digitalising your legal operations.


Marketing fundamentals for SMEs: How modern law firms can improve brand recognition to win more clients

In our sixth episode we’ll be exploring the importance of thinking digital-first when it comes to marketing your law firm and strengthening your brand. Join us and our expert guests as we discuss the fundamentals of digital marketing for law firms, how it benefits your reputation, and the marketing habits firms can adopt regardless of budget.


Strategic priorities for SME law firms: How modern law firms can stay competitive and improve long-term success

In our seventh episode of our Build Better Habits webinar series, we’re going to deep dive into the stats and insights of the LPM Frontiers Report. The comprehensive analysis will help us to understand the strategic business plans of SMEs and the impact that’ll have on their habits and processes.

Utilise legal tech to build a digital-first law firm

With the right practice and case management solution in place you’re better able to:

Stay compliant

Enhance client service

Improve profitability

Reduce errors

Motivate employees

Do more with less

Guides to help law firms implement a digital-first mindset

Download our free guides to discover how to review your current habits, how to implement future-proofed digital habits, and build and effective workplace culture.

Marketing fundamentals for SMEs

To help modern law firm improve long-term success, we spoke to a panel of legal experts – from Quiss, Work PR, and PR consultant Sarah Amies – to discuss the digital marketing fundamentals all SME law firms should adopt to win more clients.

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How to improve the effectiveness of your law firm

Do you have the right digital foundations in your firm to run a successful business? We’ve detailed the five pillars of how to create the right digital, cultural, and operational environment to help improve the effectiveness of your firm.

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The importance of the legal operations professional

Discover how to bridge the gap between your firm’s legal processes, people, and technology.

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The fundamental habits of running a modern law firm

To remain competitive modern law firms need to implement successful business habits and streamline their legal operations. We believe there are four fundamental mindsets and associated habits that firms should adopt for long-term success.

Think digital-first

Be client-focused

Continuously improve

Empower employees

The Osprey Approach all-in-one solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management – enabling your firm to run a streamlined and profitable operation that exceeds client expectations.

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