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Deliver a quality client experience and improve collaboration without additional admin. The Osprey client management software helps you to easily communicate with clients on scale. Provide an efficient and personal service that helps you stay competitive and exceed their expectations.

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Client management software for UK law firms

Exceed your clients’ expectations by providing a convenient and modern onboarding and case management experience using Osprey Approach. The software that helps you to balance driving efficiencies for your firm whilst delivering excellent client care.

How does Osprey help firms overcome their client management challenges?
  • Centralises data and processes

    The interconnected Osprey solution enables a single source of truth that centralises all client, case, and billing details in one platform. The legal CRM and digital case history helps improve visibility across your teams and makes sharing updates with clients easier to improve communication.

  • Reduces manual admin to free up time

    The time-saving tools within automated workflows help to increase efficiencies so you spend less time on admin tasks and more time with the client. Capture data digitally from your clients that is used to auto-populate documents, forms, and emails for a more effective case management process.

  • Enables real-time communication

    Clients want a transparent and quick service which is easier with Osprey. Utilise the web portal and mobile app for improved collaboration, share real-time case updates via the portal, email or text message, and gain clarity across in conveyancing cases with Coadjute’s network.

  • Modernises onboarding and case management

    Exceed client expectations with a convenient and modern client experience that streamlines onboarding, improve communication, and reduces stress for all parties. Tools such as the web portal, mobile app, digital IDs, electronic signatures, digital data capture and more help to alleviate pain points for your client.

  • Improves the client experience

    Win more five-star reviews with an enhanced client service that competes with larger firms. Offer self-service tools, real-time updates, more transparency, and a more efficient service to your clients when you’re managing cases with Osprey.

Client management software tools

Improve operational efficiencies whilst enhancing client service

Web portal & app

A self-service portal that improves collaboration


Efficiencies saved through automation is passed to the client

Contact management

Client data and history is securely and centrally stored

Email & text

Easily manage communications across various channels

Data & Documents

Improve the accessibility and creation of client files


Speed up case progression with the convenience of digital signatures

Digital enquiry, client onboarding and case management software

Easily manage your cases from initial enquiry through to case completion using the client-focused tools in Osprey. Timesaving and experience-enhancing communications tools, web portals and integrations help you to reduce manual admin and the barriers that delay progression. From online data capture to real-time updates, and e-signatures you can manage the entire case process from within one centralised platform on any device and on the go, helping you to increase productivity.

Transparent communication & effective collaboration

Clients want timely responses and real-time updates, and the Osprey client management features helps you to stay on top of client communications at scale. Client-focused tools like our web portal, mobile app and integrated text messaging helps you easily provide and share information with clients. And our workflows, Outlook integration, and centralised platform provides efficiencies that help reduce your workload and automations that help you do it quicker. By reducing the admin tasks associated with client communication and case progression so you can maximise billable hours to improve collaboration and build stronger client relationships.

The Osprey Approach all-in-one solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management – enabling your firm to run a streamlined and profitable operation that exceeds client expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is client management software?

    Legal client management software helps law firms to effectively communicate and collaborate with their clients to improve service, operational efficiencies, and better manage workloads. Ideally part of your case and practice management solution, client management software provides digital tools that help to share updates, documents, and data with your clients whilst streamlining efficiencies internally.

  • How does Osprey help my firm manage clients?

    Osprey helps to connect the data and processes across your law firm so managing client cases is easier. Osprey provides a wide variety of efficiency tools to help free teams up from manual admin so more time can be spent building client relationships. The platform also offers client-facing tools such as a web portal and mobile app, that offers a self-service and convenient tool for clients to collaborate with their solicitor. Increase the efficiency and quality of client onboarding and case management.

  • Can I integrate Outlook with Osprey?

    Yes, we have a Microsoft 365 integration that enables Osprey to integrate with Outlook so you can manage your emails from the Osprey platform and keep on top of all client communications.

  • Does Osprey offer an integrated web portal?

    Yes, Osprey offers a fully connected client web portal that doesn’t require third-party software providers. Securely share data, documents, and updates via the web portal to streamline client and case management.

  • Can I transfer my existing client data to Osprey?

    On switching to Osprey, you can transfer your existing client and case data to Osprey so you can continue where you left off. Our dedicated implementation helps to move your data and set up Osprey so you can feel confident using the system from day one.

  • Can I onboard clients using Osprey?

    Osprey helps to make client onboarding easier with a variety of tools including digital data capture, client web portal to share documents and updates, electronic signatures tools, digital IDs with our InfoTrack integration and much more. Reduce the time it takes to onboard client using the Osprey client and case management platform.

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