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Our legal aid case management software ensures regulatory compliance for both criminal and civil legal aid cases. A centralised software solution for UK law firms that improves efficiency, enhances client service, and streamlines your operation. 

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Why legal aid lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

One single platform

From initial enquiry to case completion, you’ll get your work done faster in Osprey’s complete legal aid software solution.

Accurate time management  

Reduce errors and improve the profitability of your firm with fully integrated time recording that ensures accurate billing.

Specialised workflows

Automate tasks and streamline your workload with our pre-built, configurable workflows that are specifically built for various areas of law including family, immigration, and crime. 

Better utilise your time when managing legal aid cases

We know the importance of maximising fee earner time when working on legal aid cases and Osprey provides an integrated, centralised platform to manage your cases from initial enquiry to completion. Reduce the manual administration involved in legal aid cases and standardise processes to maximise efficiency all from within Osprey. Create and manage documents and forms, accurately time record, automate billing processes, easily manage clients and implement workflow automations to improve the quality of your legal services whilst positively impacting your profitability.

A centralised software solution for regulatory compliance

Osprey provides compliance features and dedicated workflows that help meet best practices and required criteria for all legal aid cases. The software solution centralises all your compliance tasks and procedures into one fully integrated platform helping to digitise the risk and compliance tasks that are usually managed manually so you can reduce the risk and cost of staying complaint. Osprey provides you with the time management, billing and reporting tools that ensure your up to date and meeting Legal Aid Agency requirements.

Increase the profitability of your legal aid cases

Osprey makes running a legal aid firm easier. Improve your time tracking, increase efficiencies, and easily stay compliant to boost the profitability of your operations. Whether your managing family, criminal, or immigration legal aid cases, Osprey can help.

Immigration / Asylum
Mental Health
Debt Recovery

Practice area specific workflows and apps

Improve productivity and stay hyper-focused on the task at hand using our specialised workflows and apps. Osprey includes practice area specific workflows that are designed to take you through all case activities from file opening to file closing, and everything in between. Specifically designed by our in-house legal experts, to meet the requirements of legal aid criminal, family, immigration, and mental health case. Plus, the dedicated crime and family apps provide all the features and data you need to complete legal aid cases so you can maximise productivity, from anywhere, on any device.

Legal aid software key features:

Access to legal aid forms

Osprey includes a variety of legal aid forms which are included in the practice area specific workflows where necessary and Osprey is integrated with Lexis Smart Forms which gives firms access to over 4,000 forms.

Compliance tools 

The solution includes an array of features, functionality, and reports that help you firm meet LAA requirements and guidelines, including many other accreditations and legislations.

Simplified billing for legal aid cases

Simplified legal aid billing helps to easily link Legal Aid payments to individual matters using the specific Legal Aid posting type to transfer money.

Integrated time recording    

Easily keep track of your time with fully integrated time recording that makes billing more accurate and streamlined. Remuneration rates are stored within Osprey and kept up to date in line with the LAA.

Automated workflows

Reduce manual administration and improve the efficiency of your legal aid case management with the Osprey specialised and configurable workflows.

Police Station work 

Police station fixed fee rates are stored in Osprey so you easily record and invoice for police station work.

Crime bulk upload for LAA

Easily generate the monthly bulk upload spreadsheet to submit with the LAA and Osprey enables automatic postings of bills and receipts to the ledger. Forms such as CRM6, CRM7 and CRM 11 can also be created within Osprey.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is legal aid software?

    Legal aid software helps you to effectively manage your legal aid cases so you can deliver excellent quality client service whilst maximising efficiencies for firm-wide profitability. Case management software, built with legal aid matters in mind, ensure you can effectively record your time, automate tasks where possible and offer client-focused features. The Osprey solution includes features such as: document production, time recording, automated workflows, web portal, contact management and legal accounting. Find out more about the full solution.

  • Is Osprey suitable for my firm?

    Osprey provides a wide variety of customisable and configurable features and workflows, so your firm has the freedom to practice in a way that suits you. Suitable to any area of law or any size practice, Osprey provides core and advanced practice and case management software features that help you provide an efficient and top-quality service to your clients that positively affects your bottom-line.
    All firms can greatly benefit from also taking advantage of the compliance and reporting features to reduce risk, monitor performance and stay compliant.

  • Does Osprey include legal aid forms?

    Osprey has a library of over 2,000 free legal forms. Easily edit forms in Microsoft Word,  auto-populate with data you store in Osprey, and securely share with clients.

    We also integrate with Lexis Smart Forms so you have access to all the forms you’ll need across your firm.

    See a selection of our legal aid forms from our library below:

    AF2: advocate graduated fee redetermination form

    CIV ADMIN1: claim for preservation/recovery under statutory charge

    CIV ADMIN 2: client’s change of details

    CIV APP1: application for civil legal aid certificate

    CIV APP11: application for withdrawal

    CIV APP3: application for legal aid in family proceedings

    CIV APP8: application for amendment/prior authority (civil)

    CIV APP8A: application for prior authority/change (cost limitation)

    CIV CLAIM1: civil claim form (not fixed fee)

    CIV CLAIM1A: fixed fee public and private law schemes

    CIV CLAIM2: other party costs claim (in full or part)

    CIV MEANS 1: financial assessment form, not passported

    CIV MEANS 1A: self-employed sole trader

    CIV MEANS 1B: trading in a self-employed partnership

    CIV MEANS 1C: company director or a shareholder in a limited company

    CIV MEANS 2: financial assessment form for legal aid clients

    CIV MEANS 2A: passported, self employed or in business partnership

    CIV MEANS 3: client living outside the UK

    CIV MEANS 4: client under 16 years old

    CIV MEANS 5: client whose capital has changed

    CIV MEANS 7: financial assessment for family mediation

    Community Legal Service (CLS):

    CRM10: apply for review of refusal or withdrawal of Advocacy Assistance

    CRM11: generic costs claim sheet

    CRM14: criminal legal aid application form

    CRM16: review on the grounds of hardship

    CRM18: escape fee case claim form (crime)

    CRM2: apply for advice and assistance

    CRM3: apply for advocacy assistance

    CRM7: non-standard fee magistrates’ court claim and appeal form

    CRM8: assigned counsel’s fee note

    CW1 PL: family help (lower) public law

    CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases

    CW5: financial eligibility form for clients wanting family mediation

    L17: statement of earnings

    L31: income and outgoings for self-employment or partnership

    LAC1: committal form for directed Crown Court cases

    LF2: apply for a litigator fee review

The Osprey Approach all-in-one solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management – enabling your firm to run a streamlined and profitable operation that exceeds client expectations.

  • Case Management Software

    Improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability with an effective, centralised legal case management software that ensures regulatory compliance and reduces human errors. Osprey is a true end-to-end system that manages the case management lifecycle from initial query to completion.

    Features of our case management solution include: 

    -Automated workflows

    -Document management

    -Legal form creation

    -Time recording


    View the solution in full here.

  • Practice Management Software

    Our powerful, multi-device cloud-based software has helped thousands of lawyers to run a profitable firm and deliver excellent client care. With a comprehensive suite of features built into our software, all areas of your legal practice will be connected and streamlined to maximise success.

    Features of our practice management solution include:


    Reporting & BI

    Third-party portal

    Legal apps

    View the solution in full here.

  • Legal Accounting Software

    Without time-consuming admin tasks, you can speed up the month-end processes and run a streamlined accounts department with ease. Our legal billing software allows you to centralise your accounts into one system, which reduces errors, improves productivity, and provides the visibility you need to drive your firm forward.

    Features of our legal accounting solution include:

    Legal billing

    Core accounting

    Financial reporting

    View the solution in full here.

  • Client Management Software

    Exceed your clients’ expectations and provide a convenient and modern onboarding and case management experience using Osprey Approach. The software helps you to balance driving efficiencies for the firm whilst delivering excellent client care.

    Features of our client management solution include:

    Client onboarding

    Client portal 

    Mobile app

    Enquiry management 

    Legal CRM

    View the solution in full here.

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