Manage your cases on the go

Remote and hybrid teams can access client data, control schedules and progress cases from any location with Osprey. Available from any device, our legal apps help you stay productive and access the tools you need to manage clients and cases.

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Legal case management app for UK law firms

Increase flexibility and provide freedom to empower employees with the Osprey legal case management app. Maximise productivity and efficiency for hybrid teams and busy lawyers on the go with case management, document creation, and client communication tools within an app.

Legal apps for lawyers to manage cases from anywhere

Access all your client and matter data and documents on the go. Osprey’s mobile app empowers teams to work smarter with easy access to the tools they need to effectively organise their workload, no matter their location. In the office, working from home, on the train, or in court, you can seamlessly continue to view matters, create documents, and complete tasks using any device with Osprey’s cloud-based case management system.

Maximise your time

Increase productivity levels for hybrid-working teams:

Time record on the go
Increase profitability by recording your billable and non-billable hours in real-time, don’t wait to return to the office to enter your time. The dedicated time recording app has built in timers and is fully integrated to post directly to the associated matter.

Stay organised and on top of tasks
View your schedule from your mobile so you’re always on track and on time. Manage your tasks, schedule appointments and avoid conflicts in your day.

Real-time data capture
Avoid hand scribbled notes, calls back to the office and costly duplicate data. Add notes, dictate directly, view file history, access contacts and create documents from any device.

Download the Osprey apps for law firms

Available in the Microsoft Store, Apple Store and Google Play.

Branded law firm app for clients

A modern, digital solution for client onboarding and case management that provides a convenient service to all involved. Easily and securely share data, documents, and case updates with clients via the mobile app that is customised to your law firm’s brand colours and logo. Exceed client expectations whilst also driving efficiencies internally using the legal app for clients that’s fully connected to the Osprey case management solution.

How to achieve a return on your legal software investment

Download our guide to discover how small continuous improvements can have a big impact on your bottom-line. The guide covers the mindset needed to maximise your investment and how to implement changes to see results.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are the Osprey apps available on Apple and Android devices?

    Yes, you can download the suite of Osprey apps from the Apple store, Google Play store or the Windows App store.

  • Can I record time from my mobile?

    Osprey has a dedicated mobile time recording app so you have all the powerful features of the Osprey time recording software on your mobile, so you can effectively record time on the go.

  • Can I view my cases when away from the office?

    Osprey Approach is hosted in the cloud and available on any device, this means you have the freedom to access the data, documents and matters stored in Osprey no matter your location. View your cases from any device connected to the internet to enable your to maximise productivity and continue to work efficiently, even when you’re away from your desk.

  • Do you offer a mobile app for our clients?

    Yes, we offer a branded mobile app that provides a convenient digital portal for clients to access their cases. Easily and securely share data, documents, and case updates with clients via the mobile app. Exceed client expectations whilst driving efficiencies internally using the legal app for clients that’s fully connected to the Osprey case management solution.

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management so you can run an effective and profitable firm.

Discover more features of our legal practice management software:

Access better software support and an all-in-one solution

Upgrade your practice and case management system today, to Osprey, and make it easier to run your firm. Book an initial demo to see the software in action, get pricing details, and information on our implementation and data migration services.

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