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Provide a convenient and quality service to your clients with a secure web portal that modernises legal onboarding and case management.

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Secure client portal software for UK law firms

Turn complicated and stressful legal procedures into simple tasks by providing a frictionless and easy experience to your clients. Remove the time-consuming manual tasks of collecting data, sharing case updates, and collaborating on documents with the client-focused features in the web portal. Provide a secure platform and a unified view of case progression to improve collaboration and client care.

A modern approach to client onboarding and case management

Client intake and case progression has never been easier with a digital onboarding and client portal app that takes prospects from initial enquiry to paying clients. Easily balance driving efficiencies for your firm with delivering excellent client service using Osprey to streamline onboarding processes and enable a paperless operation. Utilise our market leading integrations to complete every stage on onboarding so you’re exceeding client expectations and positively effecting your firms bottom-line.

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Legal Client Portal Features

Case overview & status

Provide real-time case updates and timeline progression so clients have a clear view of the open case. Improve transparency and reduce client chases by automating updates via the portal.

Data capture forms

Share questionnaires and forms digitally to enable clients to input their own data. Automatically stored in the matter history, speed up case progression with easy-to-use online data capture forms for any area of law.

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Deadlines & tasks

 Keep everyone up to date with a shared task list and upcoming schedule. Share key dates created in Osprey to the web portal so clients can see upcoming deadlines, appointments, and reminders. 

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Secure messaging

A secure login gives all parties access to their communication history and sensitive data in one centralised portal to avoid lost or misplaced emails and documents. No matter how they access the portal, data and documents and protected by the same high-level security as Osprey itself.

Securely share documents

Share and collaborate on documents securely with clients and third parties. Avoid posting or endless email chains, clients can easily upload their own documents and files, which are automatically saved to the matter history, and any document can be ‘portal-enabled’ from within Osprey.  

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Collaborate during document creation

Share in progress documents with clients that can be ‘checked-out’ to enable real-time editing. Using Microsoft Word, edit documents and add notes before checking back into the web portal for your firm to review and update.

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Electronic signatures

Speed up case progression by completing contracts and letters in minutes rather than days. Share documents via the web portal for clients to electronically sign using the DocuSign integration. Documents – created using Microsoft Word – can be tagged with the signature tool for induvial or multiple signatures, as well as witnesses. 

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Retain control

You select which clients and information are displayed in the web portal, so you retain complete control of the matter. You can revoke or limit access at any time.

Your very own mobile app

Offer your clients all the web portal features and more in a mobile app that’s customised to your firm’s brand. Available on Android and IOS, clients can download your firm’s app to keep up to date on their case from the palm of their hands.

Collaborate and share documents securely with our client portal

The biggest misconception law firms have regarding client portals is that it reduces the human connection between a solicitor and their client. However, utilising digital tools for client collaboration does the opposite, it enhances it. Clients will have a better, simpler, and quicker experience by managing admin tasks through the portal, which will free up your time to dedicate one-to-one meetings where necessary and add that personal touch. Easily capture data, collaborate on documents, provide updates, and sign contracts via the portal for a transparent and convenient service that’ll win your firm more five-star reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a legal client web portal?

    A legal client web portal allows lawyers and legal professionals to securely and effectively communicate and collaborate with clients online. Client will access the portal via their personal log in details and typically will be able to share and receive documents, upload data and files, view case progression updates and communicate. Osprey’s web portal enables your firm to work with clients but also third-parties so you can work on building documents and share files and case bundles.

  • Why should law firms use a client web portal?

    A legal client web portal enables law firms to provide a convenient, modern and transparent service for the clients. Client portal tools such as case progression timelines, document upload and storage, and e-signatures helps clients feel in control of their case because of the visibility you can provide, and the ease of collaboration reduces the stress involved in progressing a case. Clients have 24/7 access to share and receive data without need to visit your office, rely on the post or print documents. Not only can your firm exceed your clients expectations but the client portal directly effects your bottom-line and help increase the profitability of a case. Read our guide on the benefits of client portal software on our blog.

  • What does the Osprey web portal do?

    The Osprey web portal enables you to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients and third-parties so you can exceed client expectations with a frictionless, transparent service and deliver efficient and profitable services. The features of the Osprey web portal include:
    Digitally capture data from your clients that an be used to auto-populate documents and communications later in the case.
    Digital documents
    Documents stored in Osprey can be automatically added the client portal for clients to view, edit and download. Similarly, clients can upload documents (of any file type) to the portal to share with their lawyer.
    Update timeline
    Clients can view their case progression in real-time.
    Document creation
    Share work in progress documents with clients and third-parties and enable them to ‘check-out’ files, make edits and amends and then share them again. Version history is maintained so you always keep control.
    Electronic signatures
    Enable clients to electronically sign contracts and agreements from within the client portal to speed up case progression and reduce friction for your clients.
    Communicate securely
    Communication history and sensitive data is securely stored in one place to avoid lost or misplaced emails.
    Branded mobile app
    Showcase your brand and serve your clients wherever they are using the branded mobile app. All the web portal features packaged in your own mobile app.

  • Can I integrate the web portal onto my existing website?

    Yes, the best place to link to the client web portal is on your existing website. This will provide an easy route to the portal for your clients but also showcase that you provide a modern, digital service to prospective clients.

  • Is the web portal secure?

    The web portal is an extension of the Osprey Approach software so it is protected and secured by the same measures as the Osprey system. This means sharing data in the web portal is much more secure than sharing data via email or in the post as the data can’t be intercepted on transit. Read more about how protected the Osprey approach solution is.

  • Can my clients sign documents electronically in the web portal?

    Yes, your clients can sign agreements and contracts electronically in the portal. Osprey integrates with the world’s leading e-signature tool, DocuSign, to provide a convenient and fast service that saves time and money. Find out more about the DocuSign integration.

  • If my law firm uses the web portal do I have to share everything with the client?

    Your firm always retains control of over the information you share with your customer when using Osprey. You can pick and choose what data, documents and updates you share with clients and what you keep internal.

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

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