Pavilion Row boost efficiencies with Osprey’s automated workflows

Find out how Osprey Approach helps Pavilion Row boost efficiencies, enhance client service, and stay compliant.

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About Pavilion Row

Based in York, Pavilion Row are a well-established, private client legal practice specialising in Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration.

Cloud software has enabled flexibility

Since 2016, Pavilion Row have been using Osprey Approach to manage their firm. The rich functionality within Osprey assists their experienced team in providing a fully personalised experience for all their clients.

When looking for a case management solution to help run their firm, Pavilion Row needed something that would provide them with the flexibility they need to work in a way that suits them but that was also user-friendly with plenty of support and guidance.

We would definitely recommend Osprey to other firms due to the flexibility it gives you.

Operations Director, Nicola Houston, explained, “when we were looking for a system, it was important that we could customise the software to suit the way we work. As a relatively small firm, most systems were too big for us and have complex implementation processes and smaller case management systems were too restrictive. We chose Osprey because it’s a combination of the two and provides us with the perfect mix of flexibility, usability, and capability.

“We were also looking for a cloud-based system, so we didn’t have to worry about implementing infrastructure internally and it was important that fee earners could easily work from home. A lot of the systems we looked at reported to be cloud-based, but when we looked into it they weren’t truly a cloud solution”

Osprey’s all-inclusive training and support has been a key part of the successful implementation at the firm. Team members have been able to take additional training to help them tailor the software to their own needs. “Another reason for choosing Osprey was because the training and support was all included. We can call anybody, at any time to ask questions. Sometimes when you’re restricted to a couple of days training it’s hard to successfully implement the software, but when you know the support is there and you can fit it around our working day, it gives the team confidence.

“We would definitely recommend Osprey to other firms due to the flexibility it gives you.”

Automated workflows enhance client service and aid compliance

By heavily utilising workflows within Osprey, Pavilion Row are able to offer fixed fee services whilst remaining profitable and commercially competitive. Business automation ensures a high level of compliance and client care whilst reducing the time taken on repetitive tasks.

“One of the features we really appreciate is the workflows and it’s another reason why we chose Osprey. The workflows allow us to easily monitor the work we’re doing and from a management point of view, it allows us to oversee processes and ensure we’re delivering the right level of service.

“Workflows also ensure we’re being consistent and so in all areas of the business we use workflows for the key compliance tasks during the file opening process to ensure that we’re doing all the appropriate checks and we’re not missing anything.

“When managing wills we use workflows to control the service side of things, right from when the initial enquiry comes in – we make sure we’re managing the leads, contacting the client and arranging follow-up meetings – all the way through to the end to ensure the right documents have been send out. “

Speaking to Head of Legal and Probate, Dawn Plant, she explains, “the workflows are really handy for me as I work from home a couple of days a week, and we also have a few part-time staff, so it’s really clear to see where we are in a case. We know exactly when a document needs to be sent out or an ID check needs completing. Rather than relying on remembering to tell someone to complete a task, it’s all there and know where we’re at in any case. It’s easier then to report on too, so in our weekly meetings we can clearly see where we’re at with matters. Workflows just help – a lot”

Automated workflows not only help improve efficiencies, profitability, and visibility for the firm, but they also help to improve the client service Pavilion Row can provide. “From the client point of view, one of the benefits of workflows, and Osprey generally, is that everyone is working to the same consistent process, so we’re very much a team. This means when a client calls in, they can speak to any of the team and we can go into Osprey and easily understand the file and what’s happening because we’re all working from the same data, using the same processes.”

One of the features we really appreciate is the workflows and it’s another reason why we chose Osprey.

When firms centralise their data and processes it enables more accurate data to be extracted so they have a clearer insight into the performance of their practice. Nicola explains, “the reporting features compliment the workflows because the workflows allow us to capture information and the reporting tools enable us to report on that data. We’ve created our own reports and have them sent out weekly so everyone can monitor progress and ensure we’re delivering quality service.”

When asked on Nicola’s advice for maximising your use of legal software, she explains, “there are so many features within Osprey that often you’re not utilising them all. So, I’d definitely recommend firms stay in contact with the team and keep up to date on the features in Osprey because often, if you want to achieve something with this software, you can, you’ve just got to ask the question.”

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