Case management software for wills and probate

Case management software for private client solicitors handling wills and probate. Simplify tasks, improve productivity, and boost profitability with Osprey’s automated workflows and dedicated app. Osprey’s suite of digital tools enables your law firm to focus on your client’s needs and billable hours.

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Why private client lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

Streamline form production

Easily collate data, reduce errors, and complete forms quicker with Osprey’s easy to use form creation tools and its trusted integrations.

Simplify billing

Use Osprey to accurately track time and bill clients so you get paid faster.

Automate processes

Automate the time-consuming and repetitive processes to drive efficiencies for your firm.

Automate tasks within probate & LPA matters

Increase productivity and reduce the time spent completing repetitive tasks using Osprey. Standardise your data capture processes and create and store important client documents in a central location so your workload stays organised and you can access them from anywhere at any time. Work smarter with the Osprey workflows that automate time-consuming tasks during wills, probate and LPA matters. Take back control of your workload with a case management solution that streamlines processes, organises your diary, data and documents and empowers lawyers to be more productive.

Work on the go

We know private client lawyers are often away from their desk, perhaps on a home visit, so we’ve made sure you can access Osprey no matter your location. With all your documents and data stored in the cloud you can easily and securely access all the Osprey features and integrations from any device. With the addition of our time recording app, you can also effectively record time on tasks to ensure your invoicing is accurate. Even on the go you can still maximise productivity and avoid manual admin to complete back in the office because Osprey gives you the freedom to work effectively from anywhere. 

Digitally organise your firm

Never lose track of a file again with Osprey’s centralised, comprehensive document creation and storage solution. Osprey’s private client software helps your produce many of the letters, forms, and documents you need and store them in a single cloud-based platform. With unlimited storage, Osprey keeps your files organised and with the powerful global search feature you can easily find and stay on top of your documents.

Keep a record in Osprey of all the original wills and LPA documents you hold in our document storage register so your COFA and COLP can keep track of any movements or withdrawals ensuring important documents aren’t lost and best practices are followed.

Wills & probate case management key features:

Configurable workflows

Streamline your tasks and standardise processes by making use of the customisable private client workflows available including specialised wills, LPAs and probate.

Probate App 

Stay focused on your tasks and access the relevant powerful tools and functionality you need in Osprey’s dedicated probate app.

Document production  

Auto-populate forms and documents, build a template library and easily store and edit documents to significantly reduce production time and human error.

TextAnywhere integration

Keep your clients regularly informed by scheduling timely text messages using the TextAnywhere integration.

Automated calculations 

Osprey’s workflows automatically populate many of the IHT form calculations, saving you hours of time.  

Integrated time recording

Record your tasks in real-time with the time recording app. Whether you’re at the office or with clients, ensure you’re accurately billing your hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is case management software?

    Private client case management software allows practitioners to manage their probate, Lasting Power of Attorney and Wills matters. The A cloud-based Case management software (CMS) centralises all your documents, data and files so they can easily be accessed from any location. A CMS lets you prepare and store documents and forms as well as offering time recording, contact and organisation management, a client web portal, compliance and reporting features and automated workflows for a complete package. Find out more about the Osprey case management solution.

  • Is Osprey right for my firm?

    Osprey Approach is suitable for any firm size and practice area. The solution includes features and functionality that are beneficial for all including specialised apps and workflows that ensure you have the tools you need to complete your cases. You can be confident, when using Osprey, that your manual admin will be reduced, productivity will increase and client service will be enhanced. Use Osprey Approach to transform the way your work.

  • What other applications does Osprey integrate with?

    Yes, Osprey Approach integrates with many of your favourite, powerful software applications and services such as DocuSign, Microsoft 365, InfoTrack and many more. Manage your entire firm through a centralised platform so you can streamline operations. Discover all our integrations here.

  • Does Osprey’s private client case management software include functionality for wills, probate and LPAs?

    Yes, you can manage all these areas from within Osprey and have access to our pre-built, specialised workflows for these types of matters. You also have the option of using, where appropriate, the client web portal which allows you to communicate and share documents with your clients in a secure environment.

  • How do I get started with Osprey?

    It’s simple – contact our sales team for a full demonstration to ensure the solution meets your needs and we can begin your implementation process at an appropriate time for your firm.
    Once implemented our support team will be available to provide remote training and support (included within your licence fee) at any time throughout your contracted period so you can always feel confident using our solution.

  • Does Osprey include will & probate forms?

    Osprey has a library of over 2,000 free legal forms that your team can access. Easily edit forms in Microsoft Word, auto-populate them with data you store in Osprey, and securely share with clients.

    We also integrate with Lexis Smart Forms so you have access to all the forms you’ll need across your firm.

    See a selection of our will & probate forms from our legal forms library below:

    HMRC Inheritance tax forms:

    Inheritance Tax account (IHT100)

    Inheritance Tax: gifts and other transfers of value (IHT100a)

    Inheritance Tax: termination of an interest in possession (IHT100b)

    Inheritance Tax: assets ceasing to be held on discretionary trusts – proportionate charge (IHT100c)

    Inheritance Tax: non interest in possession settlements – principal charge (10 year anniversary) (IHT100d)

    Inheritance Tax: charges on special trusts (IHT100e)

    Inheritance Tax: cessation of conditional exemption – disposal of timber or underwood (IHT100f)

    Inheritance Tax: alternatively secured pension chargeable event (IHT100g)

    Inheritance Tax: return of estate information (IHT205) for deaths before 6 April 2011

    Inheritance Tax: return of estate information (IHT207 (2006))

    Inheritance Tax: claim to transfer unused Inheritance Tax nil rate band (IHT216)

    Inheritance Tax: claim to transfer unused nil rate band for excepted estates (IHT217)

    Inheritance Tax: application for a clearance certificate (IHT30)

    Inheritance Tax: claim for relief — loss on sale of shares (IHT35)

    Inheritance Tax: claim for relief – loss on sale of land (IHT38)

    Inheritance Tax account (IHT400)

    Inheritance Tax: domicile outside the United Kingdom (IHT401)

    Inheritance Tax: claim to transfer unused nil rate band (IHT402)

    Inheritance Tax: gifts and other transfers of value (IHT403)

    Inheritance Tax: jointly owned assets (IHT404)

    Inheritance Tax: bank and building society accounts (IHT406)

    Inheritance Tax: household and personal goods (IHT407)

    Inheritance Tax: household and personal goods donated to charity (IHT408)

    Inheritance Tax: pensions (IHT409)

    Inheritance Tax: life assurance and annuities (IHT410)

    Inheritance Tax: listed stocks and shares (IHT411)

    Inheritance Tax: business and partnership interests and assets (IHT413)

    Inheritance Tax: Agricultural Relief (IHT414)

    Inheritance Tax: interest in another estate (IHT415)

    Inheritance Tax: debts due to the estate (IHT416)

    Inheritance Tax: foreign assets (IHT417)

    Inheritance Tax: assets held in trust (IHT418)

    Inheritance Tax: debts owed by the deceased (IHT419)

    Inheritance Tax: National Heritage assets, conditional exemption and maintenance funds (IHT420)

    Inheritance Tax: probate summary (IHT421)

    Apply for an Inheritance Tax reference (IHT422)

    Direct Payment Schemes for Inheritance Tax (IHT423)

    Inheritance Tax: reduced rate of Inheritance Tax (IHT430)

    Claim the residence nil rate band (RNRB) (IHT435)

    Claim transferable residence nil rate band (IHT436)

    Inheritance Tax: election for Inheritance Tax to apply to asset previously owned (IHT500)

    Power of attorney (LPA) forms:

    Forms to register a lasting power of attorney (LPA) including LP PA, LP PW, LPA114 or LPA117.

    Notice of intention to register an enduring power of attorney (EP1PG)

    Apply to register an enduring power of attorney (EP2PG)

    Notes for completing application form EP2PG

    Object to registration of EPA (EP3PG)

    Disclaimer by a proposed or acting attorney under a lasting power of attorney (LPA005)

    Object to registration of LPA: donor (LPA006)

    Object to registration of LPA: factual grounds (LPA007)

    Object to registration of LPA: notify OPG (LPA008)

    Probate forms:

    N205D Notice of issue of claim and service of probate claim form

    N3 Acknowledgment of service (probate claim)

    Form PA1A: Apply for probate by post if there is not a will

    Form PA1P: Apply for probate by post if there is a will

    Form PA1S: Find a will or probate document


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