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As a small firm, you and your team juggle a lot. With limited resources, we know you’re likely wearing many hats. Osprey helps you to multi-task, manage your workload, and drive your business forward with ease.

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Why small law firms use Osprey

Osprey helps SME firms work efficiently to successfully grow and manage their practice.

To grow effectively

Osprey provides the tools you need to focus on increasing your client intake and enables you to scale and manage a growing workload with ease.

To boost productivity

Efficiency-boosting tools help you to streamline operations so that you can perform at your best.

Access to tech experts

All users can contact our expert support team, by telephone for no extra cost, to ask advice, configure the software to your needs, or get training on new features.

Case management software for small UK law firms

Osprey supports small firms, like yours, to perform at their best. Easily stay compliant, manage cashflow, and deliver excellent client service using the digital tools within the Osprey all-in-one solution. Manage your cases, clients, and accounts within one single platform for maximum efficiency.


Osprey enables flexibility

Osprey Approach is a cloud-based case management solution that empowers small law firms to work in a way that suits them. Accessible on any device, from any location you can manage your team and clients effectively from the office or on the go.

Data, processes, and documents are stored centrally and securely to ensure a centralised and connected operation that’s easier to scale and improves profitability.  


Successfully scale and grow your law firm  

Osprey provides automation tools, and efficiency-boosting features that helps you scale your workload. It becomes easier for you to grow your law firm and increase revenue because the digital tools help you to scale operations without needing additional team members or to work longer hours.

Prioritise billable work, stay in control of cashflow, all whilst delivery excellent service using Osprey to power your practice.


Workflows help you get started  

Access our library of configurable workflow templates – that require no coding skills – to standardise and streamline your daily processes. With manual tasks automated you can focus on client engagement and growing your firm.

Workflows ensure consistency across your practice and employees. This provides you with the confidence that compliance requirements are met and client standards are always high. From client intake to file closing, tasks can automated and processes made more efficient to ensure you’re staying competitive and delivering a quality service.


Effectively onboard more new clients     

Five-star reviews and recommendations are the life-blood of law firms. Delivering exceptional client service is more important than ever and Osprey provides digital tools that help you deliver quality and win more five-star reviews.

Effectively manage enquires so you never miss an opportunity, offer a digital onboarding service that ensures compliance, and provide convenience and transparency to clients that exceeds expectations.

On top of the client-facing tools within Osprey, the legal software helps increase efficiencies so your service is quick and responsive, helping you stand out from the competition whilst delivering a profitable service.

Key software features for small law firms:

Integrated accounting

Avoid paying twice for separate accounting software with Osprey’s fully integrated accounting solution that’s always included in your licence.

Time recording

Integrated time recording ensures you maximise your billable hours for accurate invoices that improves profitability.

Integrated with your favourite tools

Easily connect your favourite business tools, such as Office 365, DocuSign and InfoTrack, and run your firm from one powerful platform.

Templated workflows

Implement our library of workflows, designed by lawyers, so you can start benefiting from automation and increased efficiencies without additional resource. 

Subscription model

Effectively manage your cashflow with our simple subscription pricing.

Enterprise-level features

Integrated enquiry management tools, online quote calculators, client access web portal and many more enterprise-level features that enable you to effectively compete with larger firms.

Legal software for all areas of law

No matter your firm’s area of expertise, Osprey provides workflows and functionality suited to all practice areas so you can confidently manage cases, expand your firm, and serve clients using one solution. Streamline the processes across all areas of law using our case management software for small law firms.


Family Law

Criminal Law

Private Client




As your software partner, we support you in every way

As your trusted software partner we help you manage the change to a new software solution. Our team of dedicated implementation, support and product experts are always there to help you utilise the software to easily run your firm.


We help to minimise disruption and ensure your implementation project is a success so you can begin to make the most of Osprey from day one.


All inclusive, unlimited training is included as standard because confident users equal bigger returns for your firm.


Access to help and guidance from a team who are passionate about technology and your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is practice and case management software?

    Legal practice and case management software (PCMS) provides lawyers and law firms with digital tools to effectively run their practice to help improve efficiencies, competitiveness, compliance, client service and profitability.
    PCMS is a platform of integrated modules, features and functionality including: matter, client and document management, time recording, accounting, client portal, reporting, and workflows. When combined, these modules and features help to digitalise, modernise and streamline a law firm’s operations so the team can more easily manage their busy workloads and deliver unrivalled client service.

  • Am I too small for case management?

    Case management software has numerous benefits to practices of all shapes and sizes. Without solid digital foundations, firms can struggle to effectively scale, grow, and progress. But with effective case management software, firms can reduce manual administrative, remove ineffective and time-consuming processes, and perform at their best to deliver top-quality, profitable legal services. Find out more about how case management software can benefit small firms in the article. 

  • What are the benefits of legal software for small firms?

    Case management software provides lawyers with a platform to more effectively and efficiently run their practice. The features and functionality of practice and case management benefits law firms, of all sizes, because it helps to increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and boost profitability to help you achieve you goals. The features and functionality of legal software help you deliver an excellent client experience and deliver enterprise level services so you can stay competitive. Importantly, software can help reduce the cost of staying compliant, helping you to ensure you follow best practices and standards in order to meet accreditations, legislations and complete PII proposals.

  • Can my small firm afford case management software?

    Osprey operates a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which means Osprey is centrally hosted in our secure data centres and licences are purchased on a per user, subscription basis. This reduces CAPEX costs for law firms, proving the most cost-effective way to purchase software and reduces the maintenance resource needed for upgrades and updates. This makes Osprey a great solution for small firms as the costs are easily manageable.

    We also offer unlimited training and support so you’ll always have guidance in maximising your use of Osprey to see a return on your investment. For more information, download our guide on how to achieve a return on investment from your legal software. 

  • Does Osprey integrate with other software applications I use?

    Yes, Osprey Approach integrates with many of your favourite, powerful software applications and services such as DocuSign, Microsoft 365, InfoTrack and many more. Manage your entire firm through a centralised platform so you can streamline operations. Discover all our integrations here.

  • Can Osprey help us stay compliant?

    Osprey has a fully compliant legal accounts package built in to ensure that you remain compliant with the solicitors accounts rules. We also have a whole host of features and functionality that help you stay compliant, follow best practices and meet requirements. Our focused workflows help with risk management, CDD as well as undertakings, ensuring that you meet the requirements of the money laundering regulations and the solicitors code of conduct. Osprey is also GDPR compliant so you can easily deal with data subject access requests. Find out more about our compliance features here. 

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