Create, manage, and share legal documents & forms with ease

Streamline your workload and stay organised with the Osprey legal document management system. Easily generate, edit and store documents in one centralised solution to maximise efficiencies and improve client service.

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Legal Document Management System

Generating documents from saved branded templates and automating data input saves time, ensures consistency, and increases your billing opportunities. Through an effective legal document management system, Osprey makes it simple to generate, share, and store documents for your clients.

Generate and manage legal documents digitally

Save your law firm time and money by going paper-light. With a secure and centralised document management system, you can digitally create, edit and store documents in the cloud, helping to reduce paper, storage and posting costs. You can also send documents to clients via email or our secure client portal for electronic signature using our DocuSign integration for efficient case management.

Store all documents and files against a matter with unlimited storage and use the powerful global search to quickly locate files, no matter where you are, helping you provide a responsive client service.

Automate document production

Speed up the document production process and remove the risk of errors with a centralised document management system. Using data from your legal CRM and client matter history, fields inside legal forms can be automatically populated avoiding the duplication of data entry. Create and edit documents on the go with our case management app so you’ll always have access to the documents you need, wherever you’re working.

Securely share documents and large bundles

Share sensitive client documents with confidence and ease using a password-protected web access portal. You and your client can be confident to share and collaborate on sensitive documents through the cloud-based, secure client portal, which avoids endless email chains and lost documents. Plus, clients can fill in questionnaires from the portal which can auto-populate documents using the Osprey workflows.

You will never need to worry about email size limits again. Rather than having to download and attach legal documents and forms to emails, you can package multiple documents together and send them using a private shareable link.

Seamless integrations

The Osprey add-ins seamlessly embed into Word on Windows, Mac, iPad and Word Online. Create documents from templates, run workflows and record time all within the familiar Office applications.

Osprey’s legal document management system allows you to take advantage of third-party integrations to unlock powerful features and thousands of forms from LexisSmart Forms.

Key Legal Document Management Features

Electronic signatures

Create and send out documents for signature through Osprey using the DocuSign integration.

Auto-populate forms

Data stored against the client or matter can automatically populate the forms and documents you wish to create.

Create court bundles

Easily build and share non-trial court bundles using the Osprey court bundles feature that saves times, reduces errors and keeps documents organised.

Integrated time recording

Our integrated time recording software means you can accurately record time when you’re generating documents and forms.

Unlimited secure storage

Store all text, visual and audio files against a matter with unlimited storage and secure backup.

How to achieve a return on your software investment

Download our guide to find out how implementing a simple mindset into your firm can help you to continually see a return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is legal document management software?

    Legal document management software enables law firms to digitally and securely store, organise and search for documents. The software improves efficiencies across a law firm because documents can easily be edited, shared, accessed and collaborated on from a centralised location. This benefits lawyers and legal professionals because they can effectively work from anywhere, without needing to rely on the office and carry bulky physical files. It also benefits the client because they can easily collaborate on and share digital documents without relying on the post.

  • Where does Osprey’s document management software store my documents?

    Your files are securely stored in the Osprey document management solution in the cloud. This means you files aren’t stored on your own server, but instead can be accessed at any time, from any device with an internet connection.

  • How many documents can I store in Osprey?

    Osprey’s document management software is cloud-based and has unlimited storage so you can store as many documents as you need within Osprey.

  • Can I build a library of pre-defined templates for specific documents?

    Yes, you can build a library of pre-defined templates that you can use when creating documents so you can standardise processes and ensure your on brand and staying compliant. Documents can then be auto-populated using the data you store in Osprey so document production time can be significantly reduced.

  • Can I migrate my existing documents and templates to Osprey?

    Yes, you can add documents from another system in Osprey at any time. During your initial implementation project, your project manager can help you to migrate your existing data, documents and templates into Osprey.

  • Why would I choose Osprey over a dedicated document management system?

    Osprey Approach provides all the tools law firms need to manage clients and cases in one centralised platform. Managing your firm and cases in one place streamlines processes and improves efficiencies by reducing the need to switch between systems, duplicate data entry and administration time. Our case management solution, which includes legal document management, provides the tools to manage a case from initial enquiry to case completion.

  • Can I still use Word to create my documents when using Osprey?

    Yes, Osprey integrates with Microsoft 365 and has a Microsoft Word add-in that allow you to access your cases and client details from within Word so you can create, edit and save documents created in Word straight into Osprey.

  • Do you integrate with Lexis Smart Forms?

    Osprey integrates with Lexis Smart Forms so you can have access to over 4,000 forms from within Osprey to help make completing complex legal forms easier and more cost-effective. Without needing to re-key data you can auto-populate forms using the data stored in Osprey and reduce the errors and time spent completing forms. Find out more about the integration.

  • Can my clients electronically sign documents with Osprey?

    Osprey integrates with the world’s leading e-signature tool, DocuSign. This means you can create documents and send them to your clients for them to sign electronically, helping you to provide a convenient and fast service that saves time and money. Find out more about the DocuSign integration.

  • Can I create court bundles using Osprey?

    Yes. One of the many benefits of using Osprey’s digital document management solution is you can significantly reduce the time it takes to create court bundles. In Osprey you can simply select the documents you want to include from the matter history and when you download the case bundles it’ will automatically chronologically order the documents and paginate, index and bookmark the bundle into a correctly formatted PDF file.

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