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Osprey Approach Privacy & Cookie Policy

The protection of the personal information that you share with us is every bit as important to us as it is to you.

We appreciate that sharing your sensitive information is something that no firm will do without careful consideration and below you find our policy in regards to your data to give you that peace of mind.

We will:

-Hold and store any contact details that you submit via this website, by email or by telephone

-Contact you from time to time with news, updates, and selected marketing information that we think would be of interest to you

-Comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998

-Notify you of changes to our Privacy Policy via our website

-If required by law or at the request of the Police as part of a criminal investigation submit any data required by the relevant authorities

We won’t:

-Use your data for any reason other than the above

-Make any of your contact data or database content available to third parties at any time or in any way whatsoever

-Outsource the hosting of your sensitive data to a third party

-Bombard you with marketing messages for our products and services

-Let our high standards in regard to security and protection slip for a moment


We do use Cookies to enhance your use of our marketing website and software services. These Cookies do not identify you personally or give any personal information about you. They merely recognise which web browser you are accessing our website from, how you found our site and how you navigate around pages to assist us in making this more user friendly for visitors. We do not pass this data to a third party.

In submitting any data to us and in using our services you consent to the Terms and Conditions of our Privacy Policy that is subject to change from time to time as required.

Please view our UK Cookie Policy or EU Cookie Policy for more details.