Law firm compliance software for COLPs & COFAs

Osprey Approach is a fully connected platform that provides compliance officers for legal practice (COLPs) and compliance officers for finance and administration (COFAs) with the digital tools to implement best practices, report on performance, and mitigate risk. With accurate insight and data, it becomes easier to stay on top of compliance requirements and achieve accreditations.

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Roles include: legal and financial compliance offers.

Why COLP & COLAs use Osprey

Provides visibility, reduces risk, and ensure long-term success.

Visibility of firm-wide processes

Osprey is a centralised platform that provides a single source of truth for firm performance that can easily be collated, analysed, and monitored.

Standardised compliance workflows

The templated, yet configurable, Osprey compliance workflows provide guidance and support for implementing best practices.

Control over best practices

Osprey’s workflows, reports, data fields and much more can be configurable, adapted, and edited to meet your firm’s needs.

Reduce risk with centralised compliance software  

The cost of non-compliance for law firms is incredibly high, which is why compliance officers need visibility and control over operations to minimise risk. Osprey Approach is a fully connected platform that provides COLPs and COFAs with digital tools to implement best practices, prepare for audits, report on performance and mitigate risk.

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Centralised and connected platform

You can digitalise and centralise your data and processes into one solution, so everyone is working from one system. Easily integrate with your favourite business tools and connect your team enabling you to work as one to stay compliant.

Integrated accounts    

SRA compliant, fully integrated accounts takes away the guess work, inefficient processes, and risk of errors so you can be confident in your financial processes. Connected to your case management and time recording processes, data is more accurate, simpler to track, and easier to report on.

Up to date & accurate data   

Real-time integrated data flowing between your accounts software and case management platform provides better visibility, putting you in control. This makes it easier to report on and gives you the peace of mind that the business is running smoothly.

Implement standardised legal compliance workflows 

Ensuring everyone is following best practices and compliance guidelines is the hardest part of minimising risk. With so many moving parts, and individuals having pressures and targets of their own, things can get missed or forgotten about. Gain back control with the Osprey compliance workflows, which help you to set standardised tasks and processes that are followed and automated for the team ensuring nothing is missed and errors are reduced.

Pavilion Row use automated workflows within Osprey to boost efficiencies

“The workflows allow us to easily monitor the work we’re doing and from a management point of view, it allows us to oversee processes and ensure we’re delivering the right level of service. Workflows also ensure we’re being consistent and so in all areas of the business we use workflows for the key compliance tasks during the file opening process to ensure that we’re doing all the appropriate checks and we’re not missing anything.”

Nicola Houston, Operations Director, Pavilion Row

Easily monitor and report on compliance processes

It’s imperative that breaches are promptly reported on and evidencing how your firm is mitigating risk is crucial for PII and Lexcel proposals, which is why you need real-time, accurate data at your fingertips. Osprey Approach provides a connected single source of truth that gives you an accurate view of firm-wide performance. Using the report writer or business intelligence tools, you can build schedule reports and dashboards that help you to better prepare and avoid risk. Easily monitor the data so you can identify problems early, spot trends, forecast more accurately helping you to reduce the cost and time of staying compliant.

Legal software features designed for compliance officers:

Report writer

Build your own reports, using any data you input into Osprey, so you have exactly what you need to build proposal for your PII and accreditations.

Suite of financial reports       

Access a library of already templated accounts and finance reports so COFAs always have the data they need, when they need it.

Interactive BI dashboards 

Benefit from the Power BI integration that enables you to create interactive dashboards that present the daily data you need to stay on top of compliance.

Compliance workflows 

Utilise the pre-built, configurable compliance workflows that help you implement best practice and reduce risk across the firm.

Conveyancing compliance

Reduce errors is a high-risk practice area with our integration with InfoTrack that provides all the compliance checks – including AP1s and AML checks –  that you need to meet requirements easily.

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Integrated accounts  

No third-party software and associated costs involved when you use Osprey Approach to manage your accounts which is fully integrated into all other case and practice management processes.

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Legal software for all areas of law

Osprey provides features and functionality suited to all areas of law. With specialised apps, powerful features and automated workflows, our solution provides the tools to stay focused and increase efficiencies.


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Criminal Law

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