Osprey Approach helps you to reduce errors and mitigate risk

Centralise operations to make it easier to control quality   

Reducing human intervention across operations, and centralising data into one platform are essential for mitigating risk. Osprey Approach provides a secure platform to store your case and financial data and provides digital tools to standardise and digitalise tasks to ensure consistency.

Easily implement quality measures across your law firm to ensure compliance, reduce data errors, and improve control of your operations. Peace of mind for you and assurance for your clients.

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Legal software features that reduce errors and mitigate risk:

Access the digital tools you and your team need to improve accuracy, stay compliant, and ensure quality.

Centralised data store

Easily capture and store data within Osprey’s secure cloud-hosted platform. This enables all employees access to the same accurate and up-to-date data without the need for duplication across multiple platforms.     

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Automated workflows

Standardise process across all departments with pre-approved workflows that take the guess work out of case management. Ensure consistency and compliance across all tasks and client touchpoints with customisable, step-by-step workflows.

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SRA compliant accounting software

Our fully integrated accounting solution makes it easier to comply with the SRA Accounting Rules. Effortlessly manage client and office accounts in Osprey to reduce financial errors and improve visibility. 

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AML checks & Digital IDs 

Utilise the InfoTrack and Osprey integration to access online AML checks and digital IDs that simplify client onboarding and ensure you’re reducing risks before progressing with cases.        

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Real-time data   

Extensive reporting tools help you and your team to be one step ahead. Proactively monitor real-time case, performance, and financial data via scheduled custom reports or interactive business intelligence dashboards.   

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COLP & COFA reports

Our library on compliance workflows not only helps to ensure legal requirements are followed, but they produce the reports compliance officers need to gain a 360 degree view of the firm to effectively mitigate risk.

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Approved document templates

Create and approve a library of document templates that include the correct clauses and ensure consistency across your client communications. Securely share them via the Outlook integration or via the online client portal.  

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Auto-populate data

Data already stored in Osprey can be automatically populated into documents, emails, and forms to reduce the rekeying of information. Fee earners and support staff can create accurate files in an instant.  

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Workflows enhance client service and aid compliance for Pavilion Row

“The workflows allow us to easily monitor the work we’re doing and from a management point of view, it allows us to oversee processes and ensure we’re delivering the right level of service.

“Workflows also ensure we’re being consistent and so in all areas of the business we use workflows for the key compliance tasks during the file opening process, to ensure that we’re doing all the appropriate checks and we’re not missing anything.

Nicola Houston, Operations Director, Pavilion Row

Legal software that supports all legal professionals

Osprey Approach is an all-in-one platform designed to support all functions, roles, and connects teams to improve collaboration and efficiency across the firm.

Practice & Office Managers

IT Managers & Directors

Fee Earners

Accounts Team


Legal Operations Manager

Partners & Directors

10 reports every Managing Partner needs 

Make smarter business decisions with accurate data-driven insight. Discover the top 10 reports that will help you stay in control of your firm.

Reduce errors and risks across your law firm today 

The Osprey Approach all-in-one solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management – enabling your firm to run a streamlined and profitable operation that exceeds client expectations.

The 7 benefits of using Osprey Approach

Access better software support and an all-in-one solution

Upgrade your practice and case management system today, to Osprey, and make it easier to run your firm. Book an initial demo to see the software in action, get pricing details, and information on our implementation and data migration services.

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