Osprey Approach helps law firms to be agile

Optimise your operations to outperform your competition  

Osprey Approach helps you to optimise your operations from enhancing client service, to empowering employees, improving efficiencies, and staying compliant. Long-term success requires a profitable business model and our all-in-one solution can help you to effectively operate.

The digital tools, centralised database, and powerful integrations helps you to deliver a quality client experience, whilst providing flexibility to your team, and efficiencies across your processes. Staying competitive is simple with the right legal tech and effective business habits.  

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Legal software features that help you to be an agile law firm:

Access the digital tools you and your team need to enhance client service, stay compliant, and optimise operations.

Scalable cloud platform

A centralised database for real-time data and connected processes that provide flexibility to your team and streamlines operations.        

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Automated workflows

Standardise tasks and implement quality measures across all processes with automated workflows. The efficiency-boosting tool that reduces errors and manual admin.  

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Client portal  

Deliver a modern and convenient service to your clients that’ll exceed expectations and provide the transparency, speed, and ease clients want.

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Digital case management

Reduce your reliance on paper to provide flexibility to your operations that ensure business continuity and adaptability, no matter the challenge.      

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Powerful integrations

Integrate your favourite business tools with Osprey to streamline your processes into one platform. Use InfoTrack, Coadjute, DocuSign, TextAnywhere and more.      

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Digital onboarding

Remove geographical restrictions for winning new clients by offering a convenient digital onboarding service using online AML checks and digital IDs.

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Compliance workflows & reports

Proactively monitor your firm and integrate quality measures across your operations. Our compliance workflows and dedicated reports provide your COLP and COFA the visibility they need.    

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Real-time reports

Extensive reporting features make it easy to extract the information you need to make data-driven decision that ensure you’re continuously improving processes and delivering better outcomes.    

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Farnworth Rose use Osprey Approach to improve operational efficiencies

“We’re always looking to improve efficiencies across the board in every department. So, the automation side of Osprey – using workflows that help to standardise everything – assist us with that. This is to ensure each department and work type runs in an efficient and uniform way, in line with the firms values as well as helping to mitigate risk factors.

“We’re always trying to keep up with technology, so we use the majority of Osprey to its full potential.”

Sophie Holdsworth, Operations Director, Farnworth Rose

Legal software that supports all legal professionals

Osprey Approach is an all-in-one platform designed to support all functions, roles, and connects teams to improve collaboration and efficiency across the firm.

Practice & Office Managers

IT Managers & Directors

Fee Earners

Accounts Team


Legal Operations Manager

Partners & Directors

How modern law firms can improve long-term success

Optimising your firm’s operations isn’t a one-time project, but a process of continuous innovation. Join us, and expert guests, as we discuss the importance of reviewing existing habits to stay competitive.

Become an agile law firm today

The Osprey Approach all-in-one legal software solution for SME law firms

The Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, compliant legal accounting, and streamlined client management that helps make running your law firm easier.

The 7 benefits of using Osprey Approach

Access better software support and an all-in-one solution

Upgrade your practice and case management system today, to Osprey, and make it easier to run your firm. Book an initial demo to see the software in action, get pricing details, and information on our implementation and data migration services.

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