Osprey Approach help you to improve efficiencies across your law firm

Accelerate matter completion to help you do more with less

Optimise and standardise operations to improve firm-wide efficiencies with Osprey Approach. Easily manage and streamline the many moving parts of running a law firm with the all-in-one platform designed for busy SMEs. Your teams can access efficiency-boosting tools, automated workflows, and connected real-time data that saves you time and makes life easier.

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Legal software features that boost efficiencies:

Access the digital tools you and your team need to reduce manual admin, speed up case progression, and streamline operations.

All-in-one cloud solution

Access all case, client, and financial data from one secure platform. Accessible on any device, from any location, so your team can work effectively from the office, at home, or on the go.  

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Automated workflows

Standardise processes across departments to speed up tasks whilst ensuring consistency. Take the guess work out of case management and create automated workflows for any area of law.  

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Task management

Automate key dates and reminders that ensure you’re one step ahead of your work load. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and visible in a clear dashboard within Osprey, you have full clarity on upcoming deadlines and tasks.

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Secure client portal  

Avoid chases from clients and easily share real-time case updates via the secure web portal. Share and receive documents, capture data, and communicate clients all via the web portal. A simple remedy to instantly reduce email and phone chases.

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Digital requisitions

Reduce bottle necks between fee earners and the accounts team by raising digital requisitions that can easily be linked to the right client, time recording, and disbursements. Get paid quicker with a streamlined client billing processes.

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Auto-populate data

Speed up document and form production. Utilise the data stored in Osprey to auto-populate fields with your files and client communications to save time and reduce errors.

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Integrated time recording & billing

Tracking time is easier with our on-the-go stopwatch, automatic document tracking, and task prompts. Never miss a minute and easily connect to your client bills so you get paid quicker.

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Centralised client communications  

Whether you’re sending emails, text messages, letters, or digital updates you can keep track of your client communications within Osprey. Manage templates, responses, and attachments in Osprey or via Microsoft Outlook.

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Automated workflow efficiencies benefit both Newnham & Jordan and its clients

“As soon as a matter is created, case handlers start saving time using Osprey’s comprehensive workflows. Matters can now be set up in at least half the time it normally takes, so I would recommend you take a look at Osprey. There are numerous time-saving features within the software that bring value to our firm on a daily basis.”

James Newnham, Practice & Accounts Manager, Newnham & Jordan

Continue to use the tools you love

Boosting efficiencies can be done using the tools you love. Easily integrate market-leading systems with Osprey, so you can utilise the power of both tools but via one platform. From email management to client communications, digital IDs, electronic signatures, AML checks, and more.

Osprey integrates with:

Microsoft 365
Lexis Smart Forms

Legal software that supports all legal professionals

Osprey Approach is an all-in-one platform designed to support all functions, roles, and connects teams to improve collaboration and efficiency across the firm.

Practice & Office Managers

IT Managers & Directors

Fee Earners

Accounts Team


Legal Operations Manager

Partners & Directors

How to improve the effectiveness of your law firm 

Do you have the right foundations in your firm to run an effective business? We’ve detailed the five pillars of how to create the right digital, cultural, and operational environment to help improve the effectiveness of your firm.

Improve the efficiencies across your law firm today  

The Osprey Approach all-in-one legal software solution for SME law firms

The Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, compliant legal accounting, and streamlined client management that helps make running your law firm easier.

The 7 benefits of using Osprey Approach

Access better software support and an all-in-one solution

Upgrade your practice and case management system today, to Osprey, and make it easier to run your firm. Book an initial demo to see the software in action, get pricing details, and information on our implementation and data migration services.

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