Discover insights hidden in your data with Microsoft Power BI

Visualise your law firm’s data with Power BI and Osprey Case Management

Empower your employees to make confident, data-driven decisions using Power BI to visualise your law firm’s data. Centralise the information taken from your Osprey case management solution, as well as Excel files and other data sources, to gain a clearer view and clarity on your key metrics. Discover and share insights to help your firm meet goals such as improve client satisfaction, profitability, employee performance, client debtors and more. 

Gain clarity and improve visibility of your firm’s performance

Interactive data  

Easily and quickly view your KPIs and performance data and interact with the graphs to filter and sort data.

Connect multiple data sources

Centralise data from across your firm, even if it’s stored in Excel spreadsheets.

Easy customisable dashboards

Create your own custom interactive dashboards to share with your team.

What is Power Bi?  

Power BI enables you to connect and unify your law firm’s data into customisable, visual dashboards that provide business intelligence (BI) and insights into your firm’s performance. Easily build your own dashboards, from multiple data sources including Excel and Osprey Approach, to gain clarity on the data you store so you can make informed decisions to better meet goals. View top-level business metrics and drilldown to your branches, departments, teams, and individuals so you gain visibility and sharable insights.

Power BI key features:   

Connect multiple data sources

Utilise the data stored in Osprey and connect other sources like Excel spreadsheets to create a unified picture.

Customisable dashboard templates   

We provide a suite of core dashboard templates to get you started, but you can create your own reports using any graph or data point.

Easily segment data

Breakdown your data by branch, department, team, or individual and then by day, week, month, or year at the click of a button.

Visualise key metrics

Define your KPIs and create graphs and dashboards to easily visualise them so you can see if you’re on target to meet goals.

Interactive dashboards

Start with a bird’s-eye view of your performance then click on the graphs to manipulate the data within the dashboards to drill down and visualise specific metrics.

Additional reporting tools within Osprey

As well as the Power BI, Osprey includes – as standard – two other reporting options. The reports are customisable and can be scheduled to send to other team members via email.

Suite of core reports

Osprey includes a suite of standard reports for law firms across all practice areas. These help you to understand your business and client financials, case and client performance, time and costs, and employee targets.

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Report designer

If you’re looking for a report that isn’t included in the core suite, you can use the report writer to build your own to export to Excel or PDF. Utilise any of the data you store in Osprey to create the report and graph you need.

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See the Power BI dashboards in action

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