Legal audit preparation

Collect and prepare data for legal audits with ease

Preparing for legal audits, applying or renewing accreditations, or completing professional indemnity insurance proposals can be a stressful and time consuming task. The all-in-one Osprey solution makes it easier to embed quality controls in your processes, meet compliance requirements, and extract data for legal auditors.

Helping you pass legal audits

Osprey’s compliance and reporting tools help law firms meet the requirements for all major accreditations, quality marks, and compliance regulations.

SRA audit
Accounting audit
VAT audit
Legal Aid Audit
Personal Injury Accreditation
Children Law Accreditation
Clinical negligence Accreditation
Family Law Accreditation
Criminal litigation Accreditation
Immigration & Asylum Accreditation
Mental Health

Ease the stress of legal audits  

Data at your fingertips  

Access extensive reporting functionality that helps you extract your law firm’s data into scheduled reports, spreadsheets, or interactive dashboards.

Monitor firm-wide performance

Proactively monitor your data in real-time to mitigate risk, reduce errors, and stay on top of performance ahead of legal audits.

Standardise processes

Be in control of your operations by standardising and pre supervising all tasks using workflows to ensure quality and compliance controls are in place.

Functionality to help you prepare for legal audits:     

Over 50 ready-to-use core reports    

Over 50 core reports and datasets are set up as standard, so you can access the data you store in Osprey in the core reports at a click of a button.

Interactive dashboards   

Gain a deeper insight into your data with powerful, fully customisable, interactive dashboards that can be set up to capture the exact data you need for any audit.

Automated workflows

Standardise processes, embed compliance tasks, and ensure quality controls are in place for each case using automated workflows across all departments.

Task management

Stay on top of deadlines, court dates, and milestones with key dates that can be duplicated in your Outlook calendar too.

SRA compliant accounts  

Keep your finances in check and compliant with SRA accounting rules using the Osprey fully integrated client and office accounting software.

Improve quality standards and mitigate risk across your firm

Implementing effective business habits across all employees and departments is crucial for improving the quality and efficiency of your operations. Osprey provides a centralised and secure platform that not only helps you stay in control of processes and compliance tasks but forms part of your business continuity plan and client care toolkit. Utilising the workflows, client portal, document production, and data security features throughout the solution you can ensure you’re providing excellent efficient service whilst meeting auditors requirements to achieve accreditations and quality marks.

Legal compliance software

To help law firms reduce the cost of staying compliant, Osprey includes various workflows, features, and functionality that helps to integrate compliance tasks into fee earner’s daily workload. From client onboarding through the case management experience, you can stay in control of your data, implement standardised processes to follow best practices, and easily meet requirements to reduce risk, but stay efficient.

See the legal audit preparation tools in action

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management so you can run an effective and profitable firm.

Discover more features of our legal practice management software:

Access better software support and an all-in-one solution

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