eCOS: Electronic Client Onboarding Solution

A faster and more compliant way of onboarding clients

Conveniently and securely onboard clients to meet your KYC and AML requirements, whilst enhancing your client experience. Build a strong client relationship from the start using the InfoTrack eCOS platform, with Osprey.

Convenient digital client onboarding 

Mitigate risk

Bank-grade electronic verification tools to ensure identity and financial checks are authenticated.

Confidence in compliance

Easily provide evidence and audit trails that you’re meeting compliance requirements to support CQS assessments and PII renewals.

Modern convenience   

Clients experience a modern and easy onboarding process using the eCOS mobile app and digital verification and data capture tools.

Watch the Osprey and InfoTrack Integration

InfoTrack offers a suite of digital conveyancing services from property searches to verification checks, AP1s, property reports, and more. When integrated with Osprey Approach, law firms have access to a powerful platform to deliver efficiency and quality digital conveyancing services.

InfoTrack electronic client onboarding features:  

Digital data capture

Onboarding questionnaires can be sent to clients digitally, and tailored to your matter, to capture data from clients and reduce errors.

Verification of Identity    

Authenticate your client’s identity quickly using bank-grade ID tools. Compliant with the SRA, Law Society, and HM Land Registry, facial recognition software authenticates against a passport to verify the ID.

Verification of Funds

Complete a full financial picture of your client’s source of funds and source of wealth easily using InfoTrack’s verification of funds solution. Open Bank technology streamlines how you obtain financial data and removes the admin burden of gathering bank statements.

AML checks

Easily complete anti-money laundering searches via InfoTrack to ensure you’re fully compliant.

Law Society TA forms   

Access and complete Law Society TA forms quickly and easily in the eCOS platform.

Client mobile app

The InfoTrack fully branded onboarding app helps you provide a modern and convenient service to clients. Clients can complete ID checks, share data, and upload documents securely and quickly.

Find out more about the powerful InfoTrack integration

InfoTrack Services

Access and order a wide variety of searches, checks and reports through InfoTrack via Osprey’s case management solution. The InfoTrack forms are auto populated with data stored in Osprey and completed reports and files are saved back into the matter history to help you deliver an efficient and effective service. Centralise your conveyancing processes in one connected platform so you drive long term efficiencies for your firm.

InfoTrack products and service include:

Conveyancing Case Management Software

Automate the time-consuming and admin-heavy conveyancing tasks to save you time, reduce the risk of compliance errors, and to deliver quality client service. The Osprey conveyancing practice and case management software solution helps to digitalise and streamline your cases from initial enquiry and client onboarding, to post completion. Discover how you can streamline your residential and commercial property cases.

Osprey integrates with your most loved business tools

Access better software support and an all-in-one solution

Upgrade your practice and case management system today, to Osprey, and make it easier to run your firm. Book an initial demo to see the software in action, get pricing details, and information on our implementation and data migration services.

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