Law firms and social media: An Osprey Q&A

Category: Blog, Practice Management 10th April 2018

Technology has drastically evolved over the last few decades and methods of communication have evolved along with it. Social media is at the forefront of internet communication, and incorporating one of these platforms into your law firm is something you should seriously consider. 

You might be asking “Does my firm really need a social media presence?” Absolutely! A recent study Trustpilot study showed that 77% of consumers use social media to dictate their purchasing decisions. This also applies to services too. It’s not just through Google searches; potential customers like to research products and services (including solicitors) via social media.

What social media channels shall I use for my firm?

There are a lot of social media options to choose from and trying to find the right ones to use can be difficult. The three key platforms we’d recommend are Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. All three of them provide you with powerful tools that can spread your business over a wider area.

It is not just for advertising purposes though, as social media is a fantastic way to interact with both your customers and potential customers and offers you the chance to both educate and entertain. According to Statista, over 70% of people use at least 1 social media account, so that is a lot of potential prospects you could reach out to just by having an active social media presence.

How often should I post?

Speaking of, how many times should you post on your account in one day? It’s suggested that you try to post between 1-3 times a day. If you post informative, entertaining and helpful content that is of a high quality, your number of followers will likely skyrocket!

An 80-20 rule is a good place to start when considering what types of content you should post. 80% of your posts will be added-value posts that your audience will appreciate, while the other 20% is made up of sales-based content. Images are also highly recommended, as your post will catch a person’s eye when scrolling through their timeline. Though if it’s possible, videos would be a high priority! Even if you do intend to post frequently, make sure that what you’re posting about isn’t all about you and always choose quality over quantity.

Social media tools & technology for UK law firms

This all sounds like a lot of work, but some additional tools can help mitigate your workload. A browser tool called HootSuite allows you to schedule posts far in advance and even allows you to post on multiple accounts at the same time. You’ll also be able to check on your post’s performance with analytics, such as Twitter Analytics. This provides insight into which posts work well so you know what content to prioritise.

Google Alerts is another tool you should use, as you can create alerts for terms relating to your business. With alerts active, you’ll get notifications when certain news and articles bring up the terms you listed and you this could lead to potential new posts for your social media platforms. 

As a final note, creating social media accounts is completely free. If you wanted to increase your audience reach or grow your followers quicker, you can use paid social advertising. This isn’t essential though and simply posting on your free profile is a cost-effective way to reach your potential clients.